April 27, 2014

Travel Tech! The Setup

If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram you would have noticed that for the past half a year I have been travelling overseas. I am basically on an extended holiday after completing University, with home base being in Sarajevo Bosnia were I am staying with family. Now considering everyones been uploading tech setups I thought I might as well throw in mine, so welcome to my Travel Tech The Setup video.

The Apple iPad 3rd Generation Retina is what I am currently using. I use the iPad to watch movies and tv shows on long bus rides such as the one to Paris, over 2000kms and with the long battery life it is a must have for travel. I also recently started using Adobe Lightroom Mobile on it which great for editing my pictures while on the go. 🙂

My main computer is an early 2013 MacBook Pro Retina, I covered in a previous video why I went for this over the MacBook Air… mainly because I appreciate the extra grunt this machine offers in still quite a small form and portable form factor. The Retina display is ultra sharp and i could never go for anything less… the only downside I had is my webcam stopped working and the warranty is about to run out… need to find out if my model is applicable to the 2 year warranty the ACCC enforced in on Apple in Australia.

The mouse I use is the Corsair M65, I never used a corsair mouse before and picked it up just before leaving. In honesty it does the job but I still feel the tracking of the Razer and Steelseries mice are better. However the construction with the aluminium on this mouse is top notch.

The ATH-M50s, have been reviewed by nearly every tech reviewer on youtube, so who was I to deny but try it considering all the positivity it received. I will have a short review video on it coming up but personally I think it needs more bass. But the main reason that attracted me to it was its ability to fold up nicely for transport.

Sony RX100, need I say more… the best portable camera I have used and it can produce in some situations better images than most DSLRs. If you can afford it definitely check it out.

I wouldn’t be able to film videos like this without my trusty 60D Canon with a 60MM F2.8 Macro lens, on top of it I’m rocking the Rode Video Mic Pro, a good mic with a crappy rubber anti shock mechanism that falls apart each time i pack it up. I brought along my 701HDV Video head with me and picked up locally a ABEO 323AT tripod as I didn’t want to carry my manfrotto legs across half the world. Personally I think these legs are better then my Manfrottos.

My go to lens is my Canon 24-105MM F4.0, one of the most useful lenses anyone can buy for Canon DSLRs. The greatest feature for me is the constant F4.0 aperture through the zoom range.

My Wide angle lens is the Tokina 11-16MM F2.8 also which is also constant through the zoom range, you can see that my focus is more on video, but you get the point with fixed apertures. 🙂

I spent ages looking for the perfect travel bag to take all my things with me and I ended up with the Incase Pro Pack DSLR 15″ which is a perfect blend of being subtle as a travel bag but can fit nearly everything I have. Incase is currently is my favourite brand for accessories and I wasn’t sponsored for that. This bag does cost over $150 AUD but was totally worth it as the quality and design is fantastic.

So there you have it, a insight into what I travel with, my only advice to anyone planning to travel is to keep everything as light as possible.

Tech I Use:

Apple Macbook Pro Retina 15.4″

Apple iPad Air 32GB

ATH-M50 Headphones

Corsair M65

Sony RX100

Canon 60D

Canon 60MM F2.8 Lens

Canon 24-105MM F4.0 Lens

Tokina 11-16 F2.8 Lens

Incase Pro Pack 15

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