June 7, 2011

Sennheiser PC360 Gaming Headset Unboxing/Review

Sennheiser PC360 Gaming Headset Unboxing/Review

Unboxing Video:

Review Video:


Its a great headset for gaming, that delivers outstanding sound reproduction for directionality in gaming and also adds a nice touch for music and movie playback. It is extremely comfortable, which is crucial for long gaming sessions, it is very light yet construction is solid, and accidental drops should cause no damage. The sound quality for gaming was pleasant, hearing your enemy before you see him is always a benefit, especially on a professional level of gaming. The microphone sound quality is excellent as well, great noise cancelling and overall very clear in game, and i have had no issues with communicating with my team mates. Overall an amazing headset, just carries a heavy price tag and is an open-ear headset so gaming in loud environments may not be ideal. Also, the sound does leak out of the headphones, so if you are worried about your privacy or disturbing others around you, than perhaps look elsewhere.

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