November 15, 2014

Intaeck 13.3-inch Ultrabook Sleeve Bundle Review!

Intaeck 13.3-inch Ultrabook Sleeve Bundle Review!

Save the Environment & Money in the Short Run

We spend a great amount of money on technology nowadays. There’s only so much we can do to “cut corners” without giving all in. That snazzy new computer you just bought needs protection, but your wallet shouldn’t be begging for mercy. Inateck understands this very well and welcomes you to the 13.3-inch Ultrabook Sleeve Bundle.

What’s in the box?

– Inateck 13.3-inch Ultrabook Sleeve
– Inateck Power Adapter/Cord/Mouse/Accessories Pouch

Inateck 13.3-inch Ultrabook Sleeve Bundle

Where does the Inateck 13.3-inch Ultrabook Sleeve Bundle exceed?

The great thing about this product is that I won’t have to yap your ear off full of the good, the bad, and everything else. Either way, I will inform you about what you WANT to hear. Starting with knowing that you will receive what you pay for. The sleeve isn’t made of leather or some high-end material that you would otherwise pay $100’s for.

It’s produced out of basic felt that helps protect the computer from Earth’s elements. It’s not water proof, but is water-resistant and can withstand a small splash of water here and there – nothing major. The sleeve features an elastic band on the front to help keep the flap closed when you’re on the go. Stitching and craftsmanship is great, to be honest. Underneath the flap there’s two large pockets for your ultrabook.

Inateck has designed this sleeve for the 13.3-inch Apple MacBook Air and 13.3-inch MacBrook Pro. I have found that it’s still compatible with computers of the 13.3-inch size. No matter what computer you insert it will be protected by the soft flannel inside. Wow, oh, wow it’s very soft and I’m very pleased to see that Inateck is giving protection where it’s needed the most. They didn’t stop there since you can find two additional pockets on the back for quick accessing your devices – smartphones, external portable batteries, and so on. They also features soft flannel craftsmanship with excellent protection. I really do love the 13.3-inch Ultrabook Sleeve Bundle.

As I mentioned before, Inateck didn’t produce this sleeve for the beauty, but for the comfortable protection of your devices while away from home. They went eco-friendly since it’s produced out of renewable and biodegradable material, yet it features a nice looking tinted-like color. These all fit into this one package along with the ability to be mold-proof!

Inateck 13.3-inch Ultrabook Sleeve Bundle

Where does the Inateck 13.3-inch Ultrabook Sleeve Bundle lack?

The 13.3-inch Ultrabook Sleeve Bundle is just packed with the goodies, but it too share its flaws with the competition. It’s not produced out of high-quality material and that’s understandable. It’s not extremely protective over the devices you insert into the pouches. They’re protected, but won’t survive a drop of 4-feet and above.

How does the Inateck 13.3-inch Ultrabook Sleeve Bundle fit in my life?

Personally, it helps keep my devices safe while I’m going from Point A to Point B. I will be traveling and even lending it to others to travel with as well. It’s great for all ages (and safe), no expertise is needed.

Inateck 13.3-inch Ultrabook Sleeve Bundle

Why should you purchase this for yourself?

The simplicity along with the eco-friendly reminder has sold me right out the gate. You, my friends, will love the price along with the great protection it includes for your ultrabook, smartphones, tablets, and so on.

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