June 17, 2011

XTracPads Review (with Promotion Code)

XTracPads Review (with Promotion Code)

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You’re surfing the web, you’re playing a hardcore game, or you’re even typing a five paged bore of a history report. It doesn’t matter. You can’t have your mouse and keyboard slipping all over the place with a cheap keyboard or mouse pad. You know the types: they cost a dollar at a hardware store and are basic, cut squares of rubber covered with cheap, laminated plastic. Sure, the dog looks cute under your mouse, but there are there is a basic problem with this setup. You didn’t buy a mouse pad to look at dogs, you bought it to give better control and achieve the full potential from your mouse.

The key is the perfect combination of friction and glide, and the Xtrac Mouse Pads provide just the right amount for smooth movement and good control. A few key Xtracs we will look at here are the Ripper XXL, Ripper XL, Hybrid, Hammer and also a nice accessory called Mad Tape.




The Ripper XXL is a huge, full desktop mouse and keyboard pad. This pad is a monstrous 914 mm wide by 457 mm high, with the size to contain both your keyboard and mouse in its area with ease.

[singlepic id=25 w=320 h=240 float=]

The next, the Ripper XL, is a large gaming mouse pad, stretching about 359 mm wide by 451 mm high. This Ripper is a good pad to use for the mouse only, and there certainly won’t be a problem with the mouse hitting the edge of this pad.

[singlepic id=24 w=320 h=240 float=]

The Hybrid is the specially designed Xtrac Mouse pad for gaming. Smaller than both Rippers,  stretching 254 mm by 407 mm, this gaming mouse pad has a different overtop texture, certainly designed to provide some nice control. This has a nice underside rubber finish, so it won’t be unintentionally sliding around during some intense gaming.

[singlepic id=22 w=320 h=240 float=]

The Hammer is a thin, yet efficient mouse pad that comes with dual sided plastic, in case rubber finishes aren’t your thing. It stretches 280mm by 432 mm and its texture is created for a mouse’s quick glide from place to place on screen.

[singlepic id=21 w=320 h=240 float=]

Lastly, Mad Tape is a cool accessory that you could even need right now. Mad tape is specially designed to reduce unnecessary friction between your mouse pad and mouse by being applied to the feet of your mouse.

Xtrac knows its products and is happy to share them with you. For some better visuals, check out the video review, and don’t forget to use the promotion code above!

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