September 27, 2011

Upping The Photo Experience Ante in iOS 5

Upping The Photo Experience Ante in iOS 5

When Apple releases its iOS 5 in the coming weeks, one feature that is a sure bet to deepen its love relationship with consumers is the iCloud Photo Stream.  As if the magic and convenience of digital photos have not wooed and wowed us enough, Apple is muscling up the camera app with more capabilities in all iOS 5 devices. And with the powers of iCloud Photo Stream you should expect so much more, and a lot more.

iCloud Photo Stream and its many realities 

The time for imagining is past, with the iCloud Photo Stream the reality and enchantment of pictures appearing ‘at their own will’ on your iPad or Mac is here. Yes, you can now wake up to a dazzling smile of your beloved on a miFrame mounted iPad inside a hotel room in faraway Sydney. And later that night, crisp and brilliant images of your ‘little gang of two’ popping up in 9.7 inch of high resolution spontaneity may just fill you with joyful memories for a fitful sleep. All of these are among the new realities of pictures being pushed to you as they are taken through iCloud Photo Stream.

Leveraging Camera app Capabilities for iCloud Photo Stream

Apple is far from content with just the ability to push pictures to you instantly via iCloud. It is arming the Camera app of your iOS device with the abilities to shoot photos right from the lock screen, compose better shots with the use of grid lines and use touch gestures for auto focus and exposure; the iOS 5 software update makes all these possible on the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch through manipulations of the volume button and screen. Of course, it would be very unlike Apple if handy powers such as options to edit, crop, auto enhance and remove red-eye from your newly snapped photos before pushing them off to various iDevices destinations via iCloud Photo Stream were omitted, iOS 5 comes with these and much more.


 iCloud Photo Stream and upcoming iDevices

The iPad and its cousins have become an almost indispensable part of our lives, and Apple’s relentless push to further ingrain these experiences is clearly the motivation for iOS 5. We don’t have to rely on rumors to anticipate the newer versions of the iPhone and iPad, and what their overall improvements on the current versions will mean for our user experiences. If the iPad, when mounted on its miFrame stand is the acknowledged ultimate digital photo frame, then iCloud Photo Stream feature is set to push it much, much further beyond the competition.



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