August 27, 2011

Toshiba All-in-One DX1210 Review

Toshiba All-in-One DX1210 Review

Toshiba has recently entered the desktop computer market after being heavily involved in the laptop market since 1985. This transition is considered late by some, since desktops have been around for like EVER, or perfect timing by others due, to the announcement of Windows 8 being revealed.

Either way Toshiba has embarked on a quest to give its users an attractive and compact touch screen desktop computer which is user friendly and at the same time packs the power of a mediocre desktop computer. The Toshiba desktop computers are designed to be space-saving and clutter free while at the same time its performance hardware is meant to keep the system moving swiftly for an efficient computing performance.

The new Toshiba desktop range is available in two models, first up is the All-in-One business model (Part No. PQQ09A-01V00G), second is the DX1210, which is the high end model All-in-One computer center for the home (Part No. PQQ09A-01S00H).

Both models use an Intel Core i5 Processor and an Intel inbuilt graphics which power the very attractive and responsive 21.5″ Full High Definition touch screen. That runs at 1920×1080, so it is a very sharp and high resolution screen, the Blu-ray/DVD combo drive also makes the DVD viewing experience that more enjoyable. The main difference between the two is that the business model comes with 4GB DDR3 Ram and a 320 GB HDD, whereas the high end model has 6GB DDR3 Ram and a 1TB HDD which also performs slightly faster. This is due to the 7200RPM drive rather then the 5400RPM.

However don’t be fooled, this system is not targeted at those who want a high performance All-in-One gaming system. It’s more of a compact entertainment system. The wireless keyboard, mouse and remote control make viewing High Definition movies on its High Definition monitor very pleasant. I would class it more as a ‘Hub’ system since it brings together all the elements of web surfing, movie watching, light gaming and entertainment. This as a system where you can pull up on a comfy chair and sit down for a good portion of the day surfing the net and watching movies while being content with the user and touch screen friendly interface.

To wrap it up the computer is well built and feels like a solid device, the touch screen works very well and the system is fitted with decent hardware capable to running smoothly for the next few years. Apart from it needing to be a slightly bigger screen and the small microphone issue discussed in the video below I am happy to recommend it.

With the touch screen capable OS of Windows 8 announced it’s definitely a good time to start considering products such as the Toshiba All-in-One.

P.S. if you’re thinking about buying this PC don’t forget to opt for the 64 bit OS so you can take full advantage of the Ram. It’s definitely worth the upgrade.

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