January 1, 2012

Top Anticipated Games of 2012

Top Anticipated Games of 2012

2012 is set to be the biggest year of game revelations so far. Although 2011 gave us puzzle games such as Portal 2, multiple Call of Duty variations, Skyrim and Battlefield 3. The new products, hardware and games anticipated to be released into 2012 are set to raise the level of entertainment and performance once again.

So what can we expect to come in the form of extreme entertainment in 2012? Below is a list of my top anticipated games of 2012.

Halo 4: It seems like only months ago I was playing Halo 1 on the original Xbox with the giant controllers. With several predecessor games following we are now at Halo 4. With 343 industries controlling where this game is taken lets all hope it becomes a raging success like Halo 1.

Starcraft 2 The Heart of the Swarm: Although no official release date has been given the second series in the Starcraft 2 saga is set to be a total game changer and a whole new experience compared to Wings of Liberty.

BioShock Infinite: This will take a completely new direction from the original Bioshock which shocked the gaming community with its attention to detail and elaborate story line. BioShock 2 is definitely on my ‘got to get’ list.

Guildwars 2: is a fantasy MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role-playing game) and set to be bigger and better than its original. With new units, new terrain, new missions and most importantly new weapons.

Prototype 2: If you enjoyed jumping around buildings, turning into monsters and consuming your enemies and ripping out their guts, Then the new prototype game will satisfy all your gory needs.


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