September 25, 2013

Toast Wooden Walnut Skin for Samsung Galaxy S4 Review!

Toast Wooden Walnut Skin for Samsung Galaxy S4 Review!

Make your device stand out in the crowd by purchasing this product on Toast’s Official Website starting at only $30. And special thanks to our friends at Toast for sending this out to review.

There’s a lot of great things but also some bad things about this skin. Let me explain.

It was very easy applying the skin to my device while watching the videos on their website and YouTube channel. I recommend watching the entire tutorial video before you apply your skin since it will stick with a tight grip.

After I installed the skin on my device I find that there’s no lip protection to help protect my display. Not even a little. They could of at least included a screen protector since you will be risking the chance of dropping my phone when using it everyday.

I also recommend not facing your device down on it’s screen. You can thank me later for the advice. Taking a look on the back there’s a great cut out for the camera, flash, and speaker. Also, Toast branding but it’s not a problem. The only problem I had was muffling of my sound whenever I placed my device on it’s back. Otherwise, te skin looked very nice with no scratches at all.

After installing the button covers it was very easy to turn my device on/off as well as lock/unlock it. Plus, it was very flush and I couldn’t tell that it was there at all. Excellent job.

Switching to the other side. There’s also a button cover for the volume rocker. Once again, it was flush with no problems.

Moving to the top, there are also cut outs on the skin for the IR blaster, microphone, and 3.5mm headphone jack. The only problem I had was trying to plug in a 3.5mm cable that was a little thicker than usual. Otherwise, your headphones, earphones, etc. will fit.

Sliding down to the bottom, there are cut outs for the microphone, and Micro USB port. This time I had problems keeping my official cable in to charge my device. I’m hoping they could fix this issue very soon.

The design is beautiful but the usability has room for improvements.

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