November 30, 2013

ThinkTankPhoto My 2nd Brain iPad/iPad Mini Tablet Slim Case (Harbor Blue) Review!

ThinkTankPhoto My 2nd Brain iPad/iPad Mini Tablet Slim Case (Harbor Blue) Review!

Pack your iPad, iPad Mini, accessories, cables, and geekyness into this one case. You can purchase this product via their official website for about $84 ($84.75). I’m unavailable to find the product on Amazon US or Amazon UK but will update you when I do. And special thanks to our friends at ThinkTankPhoto for sending this out to review!

The one they sent me is in the beautiful color called Harbor Blue which is basically a mixture of multiple colors. I do believe that they have other choices available on their website for you to choose from. I’m gonna to work my way from the front to back while giving you the pros, cons, and my opinions and recommendations.

Starring at the front, looking past the color of the product, you will find their logo that reads “ThinkTank” which is small and not intrusive like some other companies logos. I really do appreciate this and other little details that they feature. Next would be a pocket unzips from left to right and then down. The pocket is labeled and for your iPad, or iPad Mini, as well as some accessories. The tablet pocket is coated with very soft material which I find helped keep my display from being scratched during traveling. I do recommend only placing your phone, stylus, and small/lightweight objects in side this portion to reduce the risk of cracking your screen during travel. It’s very neat, organized, but a tight fit. I would have loved for it to have a full zipper that goes from the left/down to the right/down. But, the current design helps save room.

The zipper above the previous pocket unzips from left to right.  Nothing to fancy since it’s basically for quick accessing a small product or accessory. There’s a mesh pocket on the left but everything else is lined with that same soft material that was found in the previous pocket for your device. I find that placing your phone in this pocket is perfect especially when receiving calls an usage is common. No cons at all and it’s a perfect addition.

If we move to the next pocket theirs that design that I was talking about in the beginning (unzips from left/down to right/down). Since this is the pocket that is almost dead center of the product I can understand the perfect alignment and decision. The front flap can hold your connectivity/adapters. I find myself using it a lot for my earphones, styluses, and charging cables. The lower pocket serves the same purpose but I usually use it for wall adapters and such.  Flipping to the back flap there’s the same mesh design as the front flap but no zippers and a little bigger design. This is great because my adapters for my laptop are small enough to fit into them like a boss and that’s their whole purpose of this design. No cons founded.

Flipping onto the back you will find your last zipper pocket that unzips from left to right. This pocket is the depth of the case itself which is fine with me. There’s a little slogan inside that reads “WHERE Would I be without YOU” which is referring to your brain since it gives you the ability to do anything. Anyways, there’s no super soft material or even mesh material in this very pocket so I’m guessing that it’s for your other devices and accessories that are “hanging around.” Personally, I use it for the charging cables that I use the most when traveling, especially on a plane. Oh! And there’s a pocket on the back that’s fasten with Velcro which serves the purpose of the last pocket I talked about. One last thing, they include a strap that goes over shoulder to help carrying this bad boy a lot easier.

This little case is so perfect with little cons here and their. I do recommend purchasing this product for yourself or even better; enter our giveaway to win it for yourself! This is a hands down product and would serve as a perfect gift year-round.

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