June 17, 2011

Thermaltake Azurues Mini Mouse Revealed

Thermaltake Azurues Mini Mouse Revealed

A FPS PC gamer’s best friend is his (or her) mouse. The mouse controls the vision, the aim specifications, and that final, accurate shot. The feeling of complete control over your character in a shooting game comes from a reliable mouse being put into action. Thermaltake, a renowned gaming accessory company, has just announced a new mini mouse, and, from the looks of it, it seems to have everything a gamer needs to provide that reliable control.

This new creation was deemed the name Azurues Mini. To start, its sleek design is a nice innovation, with a hardcore red (backlit) symbol streaking throughout the mouse’s black exterior. The mouse’s finishing coat is a nice comfortable rubber, which we hope will be giving the gamer easy control and stability. The mouse is a USB connected mouse, with a nice new anti tangle braided cord design stretching a strong 1.8 meters. As a finishing touch, the red glow of this mouse is synced in with your pausing and breaking.

Now the outside mechanics of this mouse look pretty solid, but will the performance of the mouse on the inside pull through? A nice feature for the Azurues Mini is that the mouse has a customizable dpi (dots per inch) rating via a small switch on the underside of the mouse. The three options range between 400, 800, and 1600 dpi. These numbers lay out high expectations for the mouse’s performance, which will be tested in a full, hands-on review.

In comparison to another Tt eSports mouse, the Black Element, the Azurues is a little less powerful, lacks a graphical user interface for customization, and has less external buttons. Although true, It should be noted that the Azurues is a FPS mouse while the Black Element centralizes mostly around MMO and RPG game play.

Thermaltake has always had a reputation for making great computer accessories and I think that the Azurues will be no different and excel in the field of mini mice. Based on specifications, pictures, and design modifications, I believe the Azurues will provide great control and comfort for any FPS computer gamer. This mouse is a serious contender for the growing gaming mouse segment. The control and power are my main concerns, but for me, I will also sincerely enjoy that cool looking mouse sitting next to my laptop as I walk up to begin gaming.

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