December 25, 2013

TechMatte New Hybrid Stylus (Black and Silver) Review!

TechMatte New Hybrid Stylus (Black and Silver) Review!

This small product don’t have much going on which makes it perfect for those people that take the easy road. You can purchase either color via Amazon US but the pricing will vary. And special thanks to our friends at TechMatte for sending this out to review.

TechMatte is a very unique company indeed due to the fact that they have a special category for their products. In this case, their stylus fit in the category named amPen. Personally, I love the way they stay organized and make it easy to find the product you’re looking for. Plus, you don’t receive too much with this purchase. You have the pen itself, removable pen-head, and a strap to connect to your case for added security. It’s the best way to get up and running without a Quick Start Guide.

Part 3

I tested this product with my Nexus 7, Galaxy S4, and Lumia 810, as well as the iPod touch 4th Generation. No flaws appeared and the cons are limited. Swiping and writing was perfect. The form factor of the product is perfect since it felt like a real pen. It’s a bit glossy which I’m not a real big fan of but I didn’t find myself losing too much grip on it.

The pen-head deserves a little of the spotlight since it’s the part that actually makes contact with the device. If it ever wears out you can always find a pack of five more via Amazon for a great price.  Last but surely not least is the fact there’s a strap that can connect to the pen and to your case of any device. It will keep your pen connected to it when it’s not in use so you never have to worry about losing it.

Part 5

I apologize if the review is short but I have tested it with a video on the GeekHelpingHand YouTube Channel. Otherwise, pick yourself up one and save your screen from your fingerprint invasion.

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