January 4, 2014

TechMatte Easy Touch Car Mount Review!

TechMatte Easy Touch Car Mount Review!

I believe that TechMatte is doing great with their products but I highly recommend that they work on their packages since it’s the first experience that the consumer comes in contact with. Otherwise, you can purchase this product via Amazon US for about $8 ($7.95) with shipping and handling. And special thanks to TechMatte for sending this out to review. You guys are truly amazing!

Well, let’s recap with the accessories that you receive in the box. Which isn’t much since you only receive the car mount (in two pieces), Quick Start Guide, and a Product Review request opportunity. It’s nothing much since the product works very well. Which leads me into assembling the car mount. I find that it was very easy to assmble since it has no screws and is designed well for such a cheap price. It’s too good to be true, right?

Once your car mount is assembled and on your windshield, with easy installation, then all you have to do is place your device into it. I did find that it didn’t work perfectly every time especially with a case on. I tested it with an iPhone 5S, Galaxy S4, Lumia 810, and even an iPod touch 4th Generation. All had cases and all were naked at the beginning. The most common problem was dealing with devices that had thick cases otherwise it worked a lot better naked. I don’t recommend it since it leaves your device vulnerable to external harm.

You should see two dials on the two arms which I find very easy to use. The one that’s on the highest arm is to control the rotation of your device when inserted while the lowest arm is to control the vertical location. Last but not least my friends will be the suction cup. It’s the best like WinnerGear’s award winning suction cup but it’s strong enough to the point that it won’t fall off anytime soon. In the end, if you’re looking for a car mount that’s very affordable which is yet very sturdy then I highly recommend checking out this product.

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