February 11, 2014

TechMatte amPen 3-in-1 New Hybrid Stylus (Black and Silver) Review!

TechMatte amPen 3-in-1 New Hybrid Stylus (Black and Silver) Review!

Yes, yes this is yet another stylus from TechMatte but it’s actually better than the last generation. I won’t be comparing them in this review since there’s a video on our YouTube (@GeekHelpingHand) but I’m gonna do my best to give you everything good, bad, and recommendations of this very product! Plus, it’s not available on Amazon US or Amazon UK at the moment but keep a look out on our Facebook Page (@GeekHelpingHand) for updates but either way special thanks to TechMatte for sending this out to review! I’m very happy to see that they’re improving so quickly in 2014.

When it becomes available on Amazon and you receives yours you will also receive a Thank You slip and an extra ink tube because TechMatte has already thought ahead for you so you won’t have to spend any more money till the near future. Personally, I believe that this was a very smart move since many other companies aren’t doing these types of stylus’s and it would be rather difficult to find replacements.

Part 7

Slipping into my review, the very first I ever picked the stylus up I noticed that it was top-heavy in terms of having the cap portion a little heavier than the bottom portion. It wasn’t much a problem when it came to using it but others may experience different feelings for it. I think it feels great and gave me the impression that it’s a real pen and not a stylus.  I tested it with my Galaxy S4, Lumia 810, iPod touch, and Nexus 7.

No matter what device I used it would perform excellently with flying colors. And when I placed the cap portion on the bottom to reveal the pen it became top heavy once again but more of a counterweight than anything else. It’s perfect! This allowed me to write with the pen without feeling any cramping during use.

When it came to replacing the ink during my testing it was pretty easy since it basically unscrewed and replaced like any normal pen. Except, TechMatte included a little red dot on the top which preserved the ink until you was ready to use it. Brilliant and very pro-active. Even those companies that produce pens for consumers don’t think of these little innovations that could help improve their quality.

Part 8

Since you will most likely be using your stylus a lot with your devices there is a chance that the endpoints will become worn out and not perform so well. They provided you with the option to change out your endpoint for a new one thanks to their very affordable kit via Amazon US. Please note that this only applied to the cap portion of the pen. That’s thee only down side I found about this particular product.

In conclusion, it’s a big upgrade from their last generation stylus and I’m very happy to see that they’re listening their customers, audience, Product Reviewers, and team. Great job overall!

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