December 28, 2013

TechMatte amCase Slim Fit Case for Nexus 5 Review!

TechMatte amCase Slim Fit Case for Nexus 5 Review!

The Nexus 5 is beautiful but also fragile due to the front display being exposed all the time. TechMatte has you covered with this very case that’s selling for about $5 with shipping ($4.95) and special thanks to our friends at TechMatte for sending this out to review.

The price is very low for a case of this nature but it’s very understandable since you receive the case only. It will arrive in a plastic bag-like sleeve with no screen protector. I usually would be disappointed when a company does this but the price is too perfect. I would expect more from TechMatte if the price increase to the point that their packaging should be improved and even a screen protector included.

Part 1

Slipping in and removing your device is snap, literally, and I never find myself hassling with it to make work. Once I had my device inside you can find a cut out for your camera and flash on the back and the logo that reads “amCase” in the lower center bottom. Personally, I find no problems capturing photos with and without the flash on.

Working our way from top to the bottom there’s a large cut out for the microphone and 3.5mm headphone jack. While on the bottom there’s a large cut out for the speaker, microphone, and micro USB port. I find these large cut outs unnecessary and give you a higher chance of causing damage to your device if dropped or bumped head/bottom first. I highly recommend that they take the time to create custom cut outs to reduce this risk of damage in the future.

A great example of protection is the perfect cut out for the power/lock button. And you can’t forget the cut out on the left for your volume rocker. If TechMatte can incorporate these cut outs for the top and bottom then it will improve the protection.

Part 2

Especially, since the case is very thin. A single drop to the back may cause damage depends on the height of the drop itself. I don’t recommend it for heavy use over concrete and very hard surfaces. This may be a major con for many people but the case reminds me so much of the iloome case that I reviewed a while back. The soft touch design is perfect in the hands and I never had a problem gripping it with one hand.

So hey what’s the verdict? I do and don’t recommend this case. I do recommend it for people that are very cautious with their device and had little to no drops. And I don’t recommend it for people that are known for dropping their device often or at least once or twice a day.

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