December 27, 2013

TechMatte amCase Flip Case and Stand for Nexus 7 Review!

TechMatte amCase Flip Case and Stand for Nexus 7 Review!

I have reviewed so many cases for a wide range of devices and you would think that it gets old over time, right? It doesn’t since companies like TechMatte is breaking past originality even though they are a new company in the marketplace. You can purchase this product via Amazon US for about $10 with shipping ($9.95) and special thanks to our friends at TechMatte for sending this out to review!

Before giving you the pros, cons, and my conclusion lets start with what you receive besides the case. Don’t worry since the price is pretty cheap you won’t receive a screen protector and cloth. This is a smart marketing move for TechMatte but I do expect a little more if the price is increased in the future. Otherwise, great job to them.

Part 3

When you remove your case from the box you will notice the branding “amCase” in the bottom right hand corner. I really like their branding since they classify their products with these types of branding that are informative, easy-to-read, and never intrusive. Unlike others that are bright, over-taking, and disrespectful; TechMatte has twisted their mistakes into improvements.

Flipping onto the back you will find nothing too interesting and flashy besides the holder for the front flap, a stylus holder on the right side, and a speaker grill in the lower center. I find that the sound is muffled a little when the case is playing any audio which could be a bigger problem than you think when you sit it back-first on a surface, such as; a tablet, desk, etc. But, the stylus holder was a pro to this minor con. Since you can purchase TechMatte’s stylus to give you the best experience of mobility with your devices.

Part 4

Opening this bad boy open you will only find grooves on the left side since it gives you the ability to use it in multimedia positions (horizontally). While your tablet easily slides into the right slide and yes all the cut outs are actually right and don’t conflict with the usability. Your camera will be able to continue to capture photos, you can touch your screen with little to no problems. I find that it will be a little harder accessing the Notification Panel without the use of a stylus. The edges are not perfect so please be aware.

Taking a 360 on the side you will find your micro USB port on the bottom that’s large enough to plug your 3rd party cables into it without having to purchase an extension. Also, the 3.5mm headphone jack follows with no problems. The right side has a perfect cut out for your volume and power/lock buttons. It’s a bit hard to use if you have bigger fingers but this is only due to the ugly curve back with the Nexus 7 (1G).

Part 5

Overall my friends this is a good product. It’s not perfect but then again it’s not horrible. If you’re looking for a late present to give to someone then this product is perfect! It’s only available in the color of black but hopefully they expand their color options in the near future of year 2014.

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