January 23, 2014

TechMatte Aluminum Multi Angle Stand Review!

TechMatte Aluminum Multi Angle Stand Review!

TechMatte is quickly growing and producing products that will enhance your experience with your smartphones, tablets, and even phablets. But, this is a very interesting product and I will tell you why later on. Oh yeah! You can purchase this product via Amazon US for about $10 (with S&H) and special thanks to TechMatte for sending this out to review!

As the year was kicked off I find that TechMatte is overseeing their competition mistakes, flaws, and set backs. They are taking all of that into account to produce products that will change the way you interact with your product and a daily basis. When you purchase and receive yours you will be presented with the stand itself, paperwork, and even a carrying case. Personally, I find that the carrying case is not the best quality but for this price you can’t complain. Many other companies, such as Anker, didn’t include a carrying case with their stand. Great job to TechMatte!

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Now I want to quickly inform you about the pros, cons, and conclusion of this product mainly because I produced a video that actually goes into deeper detail and even a video that compares it to the competition; in this case it’s Anker.

Right away, I love the ability to place any of my devices on it in order to view photos, watch videos, and much more. I actually tested this product with my Samsung Galaxy S4, Nokia Lumia 810, Apple iPod touch 4th Generation, and even an ASUS Nexus 7 (1st Generation). The overall performance was pretty much perfect. The Lumia 810 is actually thicker and as thick as the Nexus 7 which restricted the area that it would fit in due to them not being as slim as the Galaxy S4 and iPod touch.

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Either way there is a hard rubber texture inside the stand as well as on the stand itself. Due to being aluminum that gives you the chance to cause damage to your product if it didn’t have the hard rubber protection. Also, I’m no fan of the dark grey color scheme and would prefer a different color but that’s no deal breaker for the average consumer.

Talking about the movable stand itself I find that the perfect angle was about 45-degrees which is optimal for viewing multimedia if you’re relaxing in a chair, sofa, couch, and so on. Otherwise, you can vary in angles to suit your needs and wants. That’s the main feature that performs very well thanks to the button on the left side of the product. It’s not too noticeable to the point that it looks like a “sour thumb” when it’s sitting on your desk.

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In conclusion, I love the stand and every feature that’s built in. I highly recommend watching my ¬†review and comparison video before purchasing to insure that you are fully aware of the pros and cons. Once again, excellent job TechMatte.

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