February 15, 2014

Tech Armor Relax Series FlexProtect for iPhone 5/5S Review!

Tech Armor Relax Series FlexProtect for iPhone 5/5S Review!

Tech Armor is a new company to our regular audience and as well as to us since this is one of two new products that we haven’t reviewed before from Tech Armor. You can purchase this product via Amazon US for about $9 plus shipping and special thanks to Tech Armor for sending this out to review.

This price is great for what you receive inside the Eco-Friendly Packaging. Yes! I said Eco-Friendly Packaging because Tech Armor is contributing to creating great prices while saving the environment at the same time. This is a plus one already and the review hasn’t even began yet. Enough with that on to what’s inside the packaging which includes nothing much besides the case itself, a Thank You packet, and a personal letter from them. I wish there was a plastic screen protector inside or little extras especially since the packaging itself is much bigger than what’s actually is inside which is a horrible way to advertise a product so small. This is a personal concern but really could cut down the packaging pricing, selling, so on.

The case isn’t the highest premium case you can find on the market but it provides you with a decent amount of protection and keep your device from ever becoming bulky and heavy. I really like this type of design over many that I have bought for this price point. Slipping the case onto my iPhone 5 is extremely easy and fits perfectly. I’m able to capture photos and videos fine with and without the flash thanks to the perfect cut out on the back. There’s also a “TA” logo but it’s embedded inside the case which keeps it from being intrusive and annoying.

The right side of the case is blank while the left side display a cut out for the silence switch and TPU material to protect your volume controls with still no problems turning up or down the audio.The only TPU covered button left is the power/lock button and still no problem locking and unlocking the device. Last, but not least are the cut outs for the 3.5mm headphone jack, microphone, Lighting Port, and speaker. No muffled audio input/output witch easy access to plug in a 3rd party cable and a 3.5mm L-shaped cable.

In conclusion, this is a very nice case for a great price. It’s a hit and miss in some areas but overall I do recommend picking yours up today.

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