January 14, 2014

TaoTronics ThorLite TT-TF03 Tactical Flashlight Review!

TaoTronics ThorLite TT-TF03 Tactical Flashlight Review!

This is probably the most expensive yet durable and stylish flashlight that you could ever purchase. If you are interested and want to purchase you can find more information via Amazon US for about $60 ($59.99) with free shipping and via Newegg.com for about ($60). The pricing is likely to change and special thanks to our friends at TaoTronics for sending this out to review. You guys are the core of our existence. Too much?

I have no need to kiss up since this is the best flashlight I have ever used in my entire life. Yes, yes I am only 17 years old so I do expect this product to be top-of-the-line. Starting with what you receive in the packaging. Wait! I must be honest since I really don’t like the packaging of this product at all. It seems to be a frosted-color type of plastic that has horrible groove to connect two separate pieces together. This only made it very hard to open and to close. TaoTronics needs to address this issue since it’s a decision that an average consumer would look at and help them determine whether your product is worth their hard earn cash. Anyways, you receive the flashlight, a User Manual, beautiful yet durable holster, lanyard, o-ring, tail cap, and magnet ring. These little accessories could cover up the packaging issue a little but I still would like to see them address the issue as soon as possible.

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Now, the holster is high quality with the top grade material you expect for a tatical flashlight like this. It’s not cheaply made and it’s able to within abuse from water, dirt, sand, mud, basically Mother Nature. Excellent job with the holster as well as a handful of accessories that are not needed but optional if you plan to go “Full Cop” with this product.

When you receive your flightlight you may notice that it’s a bit heavy and maybe even cold. This is thanks to the high quality build material. The design is a bit different but please keep in mind that this is an LED flashlight and not very common nowadays due to the pricing and availability.

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TaoTronics gives you the option to completely disassemble the product but I only recommend this process if you’re talented with D.I.Y. projects otherwise it’s not necessary for you to get down and dirty with this product. The only real handy work that I was faced with included separating the barrel from the LED flash portion to access the battery compartment. Very easy process with no prior knowledge required. Oh! That reminds me; the battery that you need in order for this to actually turn on is very unique and called a “18650” or “CR123” battery that you may likely have to purchase online. I couldn’t find them in my local area so I ended up purchasing a pair via Amazon US.

The brightness of the LED is incredible and extra clear to the crisp of the particles that float around your face on a daily basis. Imagine seeing a extremely high quality television that only had one channel and it was all white. It would be that type of experience. And yes, the clicking component on the bottom is very easy to use and never had it get stuck or anything.

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In conclusion, if you are serious about wildlife, extreme sports that require a great amount of light, or want a flashlight that is better than your neighbors that has a wall of trophies for stealing your ideas. Then, I highly recommend purchasing this as soon as you can.

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