January 22, 2014

TaoTronics Mi-Light LED Bulb with Remote Control System Review!

TaoTronics Mi-Light LED Bulb with Remote Control System Review!

We’re gathering a couple of companies in order to bring you a guide to convert your home into a Smart House even if you’re on a budget. I’m proud to introduce this product that you can purchase via Amazon US for about $45 ($44.99) with free shipping and special thanks to TaoTronics for sending this out to review. I will be working with them closely in 2014 to bring you the best content possible; no matter your taste in products.

Let’s dive in with reviewing what you receive in the box which includes a User Instruction Guide, two LED bulbs, remote control, and that’s pretty much all. This doesn’t sound like much, does it? Which is perfect since the LED bulbs have all the technology built inside it rather than a bunch of extra and unnecessary items. I do recommend reading the User Instruction Guide since it would take you a lot longer to set up without them. Personally, it took me about 10 to 15 minutes to set up and learn to the point that I was able to share the information with the people that I live with.

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Moving onto the remote control that is extremely well built. It’s small yet durable and very easy to learn how to use. It’s powered by two AAA batteries and you can purchase them via Amazon US and Amazon UK for incredible pricing. It gives you the ability to control all of your lights at one time just with the two buttons that similar to a capital I and O. Otherwise, you can control a single or a group of these LED bulbs with the numbered controls at the bottom of the remote. Since you only receive two bulbs I recommend setting them up with two different buttons otherwise you should purchase at least one  more set for a total of 4 LED bulbs. This allows you to get the best out of your remote but one set is enough for you; the average consumer.

Which leads me into the bulbs themselves. They are beautiful even though they may be hidden under a lamp shade or just too bright to stare at when they are in use. I love them either way and never had a problem with them at all. Since I tested them in a living room that only receives natural light from the outdoors I find that the ability to change the color temperature from warm to cool with the push of a button! Brilliant! I find that the cool color temperature is pretty much white to the point that it’s incredible bright no matter where you place it. On the flip side, I find the warm color temperature is perfect at night especially the feature called Night Mode that gives you the optimal lighting for reading, gaming, etc.

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Now quickly touching on the brightness levels before ending my review I’m very please. No, wait! I’m impressed. Nah, hold on. I’m blinded by the light but in a good way, of course. No matter if the color temperature is cool or warm I find that it will brighten my living room (medium/large) to the point that it had no dark areas and shadows.

In conclusion, this is so far the best LED bulb with remote control system I have tested and reviewed so far. I will continue to check for improvements later in 2014 but at the moment they have a bright feature ahead of them. 😀

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