March 20, 2014

TaoTronics Handheld BarCode Scanner (TT-BS004) Review!

TaoTronics Handheld BarCode Scanner (TT-BS004) Review!

I never thought the day would come. The day I review a product that has never been remotely close to anything else that I have reviewed before. I’m talking about the BarCode Scanner from our friends at TaoTronics. You can purchase this product via Amazon US for about $27 (Plus Shipping) and special thanks to TaoTronics for sending this out to review!

There’s some pros and con but I want to start off with reviewing what you receive along with the star of the show. There’s not much, I be honest with you, I was hoping for a stand to prop up the BarCode Scanner but that’s only available with the UK model also it’s wired and the wireless function is only available with it’s bigger brother model number TT-BS007. Either way, you receive the BarCode Scanner, a little piece of paper (aka Welcome Guide), and that’s everything pretty much. Nothing more, but a little less is the sad part of this riddled review.

Part 23

This is a somewhat-professional barcode scanner that you may find at your grocery store, gas station, or home-business. It’s produced out of high-quality plastic material and connects to your computer via a built-in USB 2.0 cable. I would’ve expected a USB 3.0 cable but either one is great and doesn’t matter too much.

I found that the scanner works good not great. I say this for many different reasons. For example, you are suggested (more like required) to hold the device at a 40-degree angle when scanning any barcodes. If the barcode is small and not very accessible I found that I had to hold the device at many different angles and sometimes it didn’t even scan on the first or second time.

If we dive deeper into this type of product I noticed that they do include the Start Guide with barcodes inside in order to customize the usability of the BarCode Scanner to your liking. I really dislike that they don’t include software or even suggestions to websites that offer the ability to use this device.

Part 24

I found myself going hunting on the web and have a few recommendations myself. The two best online websites that work best with the BarCode scanner is (1) Imonggo and (2) ZingCheckout. They both are freemium websites which basically means they are free to use but if you upgrade to the paid version you will receive even more features that bring a more professional point-of-view to the device itself.

In the end, I do like the product regardless of some of the cons that are included with it but i can see through them and find myself recommending it for those who want to start a business from their own home or just getting started off the ground.

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