January 16, 2014

TaoTronics Car DVR Camera Recorder with Bluetooth (TT-CD03)

TaoTronics Car DVR Camera Recorder with Bluetooth (TT-CD03)

Everyone should be safe with the latest technology but that is more of a dream rather than reality. As technology continues to improve and become more enhanced as time moves on. TaoTronics has taken a step toward the right direction in order to help us stay safe. You can purchase this product via Amazon US for about $100 ($99.99) with free shipping and special thanks to TaoTronics for sending this out to review.

Before I dive into my review I want to tell you about what you receive in the box since it will give you a best idea of what you’re buying. This will include a car charge to mini USB cable, USB 2.0 cable extender, and even a Video Out (3.5mm) to composite (Yellow and White) cable. Which is completely perfect since they include a Kingston 8GB MicroSD card for you to store your photos and videos on. Especially, since they are high quality multimedia files.

Part 1

Which leads me into my review starting with the 2.7-inch TFT LCD that gives you everything you need to see when using it, without your car moving of course. I mainly used it for viewing photos and recording videos with the clearest resolution available: 1920 by 1080 (or 1080p HD). I found that, even with common sense, that this will limit the amount of videos and photos you can store. Otherwise, you can change the resolution yet retain the ability to view your photos and videos clear enough in case you ever need to share them.

Now, the videos and photos that are captured are possible thanks to the rear facing camera that’s on the back of the mirror itself. It’s surround by 4 infrared LEDs that gives you a better view when it’s night time and there’s a built-in Night Mode that will allow you to record anything in the dark. I haven’t used this feature yet so I will be updating you as I continue to explore this product more and more.

Part 2

Otherwise, I find that recording videos were pretty easy. I hopped into my Bugatti (kidding, of course) and turned on the DVR. I noticed that it would record over old files whenever I filled up the MicroSD which is very smart. But, this may not be useful to everyone so I highly recommend backing up those videos and photos on a weekly or bi-weekly schedule so you won’t find yourself becoming stressed when they are automatically deleted. Otherwise, I love the feature and find that it’s perfect since most of the videos that I had recorded are nothing more than the road, snow, ice, sleet, basically Mother Nature at her best.

There’s a ton of great features built-in but I want to start with the G-Sensor which is basically a feature that is always active when the DVR is turned on. It will stop the recording, save it, and block it to help protect it so you can access it if you’re inside an accident and need to recover it to help you in the short run.

Part 3

The very last feature I want to end on will be the most important, I believe. It gave me the comfort to call and receive phone calls without ever having to hold my phone near my ear with one hand and the other is barely holding the steering wheel. That is not a problem now thanks to the Bluetooth Hands-free Calling Function that will play the audio via the mirror thanks to the rear facing speaker and microphone that’s located on the bottom. The people on the other side didn’t have too much trouble understanding me but it’s decent for a product that is this very unique in usability.

In the end, I love the product for what it is, can do, and the features that allows us to drive safe and see a brighter future for others on the road. I highly recommend purchasing this product as soon as possible since the price will likely be raised to $170 sooner or later.

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