January 17, 2014

Slip Stopper Skin So Slim It’s Almost Nude for iPhone 5/5S Review!

Slip Stopper Skin So Slim It’s Almost Nude for iPhone 5/5S Review!

I completely love the name of this product since your iPhone can be either nude or dressed. Am I right or am I right? The name itself tells you that Slip Stopper has a great sense of humor, knows how to have fun with their products, while still providing high quality products for you to enjoy. You can purchase this product via their website for about $20 ($19.99) and special thanks to Slip Stopper for sending this out to review! We will do our best to get more products into the office to review and truly show you how Slip Stopper can enhance your life for your other devices as well.

The price is somewhat cheap since you do receive a recycled (and recyclable) packaging for your product. Once again I must truly say that I love how Slip Stopper is going green with their packaging, saving natural resources, and providing you with a product at the very least. They even added little details such as a string at the top for you to slide the inside out from the enclosure. Love it! I really do suggest that other companies take note of how Slip Stopper is setting a more safe point across for their product lineup in 2014.

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Lets dive into my review so I can tell you the pros, cons, and my conclusion. Surprisingly, I have little to no cons about the product at all. Shocker, right!? But really, I love how easy it was to install onto my iPhone 5 (Dummy) and I find that I was able to remove it fairly easy and still be able to apply it once again to my device. This is a great ability since the best results occur during multiple attempts. Oh yes! This product is available in a small range of color-tone models. I have the white/grey model but you can always purchase the combination that matches your device such as black/white or even pink/white. There’s not many color choices at the moment but we can hope for the best that Slip Stopper will produce more color options for 2014.

Either way, I love the color quality and the skin itself bevels out from the iPhone which is perfect since you receive protection on the back. This means little to no harm toward your rear camera, speaker, flash, and even your Apple logo since they do include a cut out for your logo unlike other companies, such as iCarbons. Please note that they don’t include a screen protector for this product so I highly recommend checking out their screen protectors if you decide to purchase this very skin!

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Before I let you go I want to tell you that they use a special material for their skin that gives it the ability to stick to glass surfaces like a suction cup. I tested it with smooth wood and walls but it didn’t stick at all. I’m fine with that and I won a couple bets on New Year’s Day thanks to this “magic trick” that’s built inside of your product!

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In conclusion, Slip Stopper did a wonderful job with this very product that I highly recommend checking it out for yourself and hopefully purchasing it today! I’m looking forward to see what they have in-store for 2014.

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