May 20, 2014

Sharkk Slim Bluetooth Backlit Keyboard Review!

Sharkk Slim Bluetooth Backlit Keyboard Review!

Sharkk has continued to impress me with their products and when I received this from them I knew that this was a product that’s different than the competition. The last bluetooth keyboard that I reviewed was from a small company known as iClever. The experience with that product was good but, my friends, the one from Sharkk has blown me away. Matter of fact, if you like this product then you can purchase it from Amazon US for about $32 plus shipping and thanks to our friends at Sharkk for sending this out to review. Keep up the great work!

As tradition serves, I want to recap what you receive along with the Slim Bluetooth Backlit Keyboard is a Quick Start Guide, a Micro USB to USB cable, and a carrying case. The carrying case has great durability, coming from someone that tears them within a week, but this one has stood up to the harsh testing that I placed it through. The Micro USB cable to USB 2.0 to used to charged up the keyboard and gives you about 180 days on a single charge. During my testing, I wasn’t able to test this theory but I can tell you that I didn’t charge the keyboard ever since I received it; about an entire week right out the box. That’s what you call perfection.

Sharkk 2

Striking onto the keyboard, starting from left to right, Sharkk has included their logo on the top which isn’t intrusive but adds a little flair to the keyboard to be honest. The one con that I must address is that there’s a flossy panel on the top and I personally hate flossy panels since they are best known as “Fingerprint Magnets.” I wouldn’t mind this feature if it had a purpose, such as it being a solar panel and converting sun light into energy to power the keyboard. That would be amazing and really smart!

Scrolling down a little you will find a row of buttons that transform the keyboard into a one-stop multi-functional accessory. The row of keys include:

  • Home/Task Switcher
  • Brightness Down
  • Brightness Up
  • Cut
  • Copy
  • Paste
  • Select All
  • Rewind
  • Play/Pause
  • Fast Forward
  • Mute
  • Volume Down
  • Volume Up
  • Search
  • Insert
  • Delete
  • Lock

Sharkk 3

Personally, I found that using these buttons made my productivity level rise about 20-30% within a week and I was able to create more articles, reviews, and posts while being away from a computer. It was a pleasuring pairing it up with my Samsung Galaxy S4 and ASUS Nexus 7 (1st Generation). Please do note that these buttons will differ in actions between iOS, Android, and Windows. But, majority of them works perfectly fine.

The rest of the keyboard is as normal as any other slim keyboard should be. The only different that may stand out to you is the fact that there’s a backlit key in the bottom right hand corner. Why? Great question, by the way, but because this keyboard has 7 different color options along with switching between dim and bright. I find the color green is one of the brightness while the color red is one of the dimmest which isn’t bad. You receive a more “Gaming Pro” type of vibe with these color options.

Sharkk 4

Wrapping up this review, there’s a rechargeable battery on the bottom that doubles as a stand for the board that keeps it from scratching your surfaces (wood, glass, etc.). The battery also features three different status lights, an on/off switch, and a connect button; to the left of those features there’s a Micro USB port to charge the battery.

In conclusion, this keyboard has impressed me to the max and I really hope that I was able to pass on my experience with it to you. Like I said, the only real con that I found out included the glassy panel on the front which could be converted into a solar panel. Otherwise, this keyboard is great for those on the go and looking for an accessory that’s not breaking you down to tears when you receive the monthly bill. Excellent job, Sharkk, once again!

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