April 8, 2014

Sharkk Portable Boombox Speaker Review!

Sharkk Portable Boombox Speaker Review!

Back in the day, we use to roll around on our bikes with giant a big boombox on our shoulder. That was the life but technology has came a long way since then. The modern day boombox is a lot smaller and more portable at the same time. There has been many attempts to recreate this experience but not many as succeeded. Sharkk, on the other hand, is the first that has created a boombox that I’m proud to say, “I’ll roll with that any day.” Matter of fact, you can purchase this product via Amazon US for about $50 ($49.00) plus free shipping and special thanks to Sharkk for sending this out to review.

There’s so many new features built into the speaker but I want to go overview what else you receive with this incredible deal. Sharkk has analyzed the competition and their mistakes and improved upon them for the future. Beyond the speaker you receive a great quality carrying case that features their official logo as well as the title stated as “Sharkk Boombox.” The smell isn’t the best and may cause headaches to those that have a sensitive nose. Otherwise, it’s perfect and I find it very useful especially on my recent trip to Southfield, Michigan. It may only been two hours or so but the bag was extremely helpful for traveling and keeping my bestfriend (aka the speaker) safer. Besides that you also receive a tangle-free USB to Micro USB cable and power adapter for charging it, a 3.5mm to 3.5mm audio cable for connecting external devices, and some manuals that are actually useful than what I have experienced in the past.

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Sharkk is doing pretty darn way but I’m not surprised since I’ve heard great feedback from others that reviewed this product as well. Which reminds me; there’s a 2500mAh Li-ion rechargeable battery that is suppose to give you up to 10 hours of playing time. My results are that I received about that range. Matter of fact, I used it for an entire week (2-3 hours everyday; Monday – Friday) before having to charge it from 20% of battery life.

Before the pros, cons, and conclusions come diving in lets quickly see how the features compare to the average consumer experience. First of all, the connectivity options that are built in is beyond amazing and the first I have seen to be honest. Sharkk didn’t stop at Bluetooth 4.0 which is widely compatible nowadays but they went beyond and above what you would normally expect. You will also be able to connect NFC-compatible devices, such as theSamsung Galaxy S4 and the Nokia Lumia 810.

I tested the feature with these exact devices and found that the Galaxy S4 would connect twice as fast via Bluetooth + NFC than the Lumia 810 which wasn’t able to connect successfully one the first try even with Bluetooth + NFC enabled. Sadly but surely it took about three times to get the connection stable but then it disconnected and I gave up. Forcing me to connect it via AUX which isn’t a deal breaker since I find that Windows Phone don’t play well with portable bluetooth devices or even with the connection of NFC. Sharkk has made it possible for anyone to enjoy the speaker with these wide range of connectivity options.

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These options are great and all but they do effect how your sound quality ranges. To be honest, I found do distortion between the options of AUX (Wired), Bluethooth or NFC (Wireless). Thee only distortion occurred whenever the volume level hit 80% to 100% and the bass was way to much causing the audio to be terrible. Anything else below these levels the clarity is beautiful and the bass is of course banging!

That’s expected from a product that includes the word boombox inside their name as well as Sharkk having an excellent background for consumer products. Before I move on I want to quickly comment how the built-in microphone quality is. Two words; Just Beautiful. I was able to be away from the speaker and the other caller would still be able to know what I’m saying. I don’t advise being in a noisy environment, of course, otherwise enjoy yourself.

Unlike other reviews that I have written there are some tips and tricks that you should know if you would like to avoid reading the manual, like I did. (a) The Play/Pause button does more than you think. You can power up your speaker, hold the Play/Pause button, and have it start scanning for devices to pair with. (b) Turn on Bluetooth and NFC via your Settings on your device and sit it on the right side of the speaker. There are more but I want you to find them yourself and tell us what you think about them. Here’s a little hint: it works with Siri. I can’t say much about it since I don’t own an iOS device that has Siri built in. I’m still an old-fashion rocking out the musical days with my iPod touch 4th Generation from Apple.

So, should you buy it and spend that $50 via Amazon US. Hell yeah! There’s no if, ands, or buts about it. It’s beautiful, elegant, and affordable. There’s some cons here and there but there’s no product on the market that is quote on quote perfect. Sharkk gives you the Customer Service that we all dreamed of and I highly recommend purchasing the Portable Boombox Speaker today!

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