October 4, 2013

SF-930 Condenser Microphone Review!

SF-930 Condenser Microphone Review!

This is not a name brand product but it’s selling for about $13  with free shipping ($12.99) on eBay and about 8 Pounds (8.06) on Ebay UK. That’s actually a great price since you receive the microphone, desk stand, and AUX to 3.5mm cable for less than $15.

I’m not an audio-file but this product does feature noise canceling. It performed well but not perfect. After recording a clip, I noticed that there’s background noise and only could fix this problem by adding background music.

Most products like this one usually will have a USB output or a 3.5mm headphone jack output or a combination of both. This one didn’t and it was powered by a 1.5 volt charge through the cable which may have caused the ugly background noise.

There’s a volume control on the product but it didn’t help at all. I had to boost up the volume via the audio settings on my computer. This isn’t a high-end product but it’s good enough for simple recording.

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