March 21, 2014

Sabrent Wi-Fi Repeater and Range Extender (NT-WRPT) Review

Sabrent Wi-Fi Repeater and Range Extender (NT-WRPT) Review

Nowadays, we feel like we need to be connected to the Internet at all times. It was once a social matter but now it’s more of addictive situation but that’s for a whole different day. There’s nothing wrong with being able to stay connected to the Internet at home while saving money on your mobile phone bill thanks to the choice of using Wi-Fi. But, then again, not everyone has a router than spits a wireless signal throughout their entire home. That’s why we’re proud to present this very product to you. You can purchase it via Amazon US for about $20 plus shipping and special thanks to Sabrent for sending this out to review.

For once, I can honestly say that this very product can speak for itself and because it’s two products in one; a Range Extender and a Wi-Fi Repeater. Basically, that means it can repeat your current wireless connection in a small radius and now extend it to even a bigger radius which should present a good/great connection no matter where you’re located in your home. Before you even experience this great technology for yourself you should know what you receive. This includes a black ethernet cable, a Quick Start paper, and an instruction booklet. Nothing more, nothing less.

Personally, I found that it was super easy to set up and had everything up and running within 5 to 10 minutes. Which is a hell lot faster than the set up process I had to overcome with HooToo’s model of this product. But, everything isn’t perfect. I found that the Internet on my devices, such as my smartphones would not register correctly. In the manner of only connecting to the Wi-Fi Repeater even though I’m right not to the main router. This was a issue to the point in which I had to reset my entire network and network settings just for the problem to stop. Maybe, it was only me with such a weird problem since I haven’t heard anything from the community.

Backing up the set up process once more I would like to point out to you that you are given a very easy-to-navigate system and a sort of Windows 8 system like interface. It’s actually pretty nice and I really like it over the competition and even my main routers homepage. That means something since I’m a hardcore Geek.

There’s two options you can choose from which includes: Wireless Repeater Mode (Station) and Standard Wireless AP Mode. I recommend the first option for those who live in a multi-floor housing or/and have computers that are wireless compatible. Otherwise, use the AP Mode if you don’t mind using a LAN cable; recommended for gamers in my opinion.

Tracing my way to the product itself. I must say; it’s a work of art. It’s small, portable, yet packed with such great technology and the color scheme is in my favor. The controls, there’s none, but does include a ethernet port and four LEDs which display Power, Activity (Wireless), Activity (LAN), and the main Wireless Internet Connection. I didn’t find it confusing at all and really like it overall.

In the end, the speeds were amazing even when I was pretty far from the Wi-Fi Repeater (speeds differ upon Internet connection). I highly recommend checking this bad boy out as soon as possible. Excellent job, Sabrent.

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