July 22, 2014

Sabrent Wi-Fi Audio Receiver (WF-RADU) Review!

Sabrent Wi-Fi Audio Receiver (WF-RADU) Review!

The world is going wireless and Sabrent wants you to join the public without spending too much money in the process. This very product is very similar to the Duo Bluetooth Receiver by CoolStream and it’s ironic that they both showed up in the same time frame. It’s the Geek God showing me a sign of comparing them to see which one is better for you and I – the average consumer.

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The little gadget that I want to share with you guys and girls today is the Wi-Fi Audio Receiver (WF-RADU). There’s a lot to talk about something so small and very affordable. Let’s get started, shall we?

What’s in the Box?

Sabrent is known for packing their products very well to ensure that it will arrive at your house safe and still in one piece. Other competitors should take note and step up their packing game due to the fact that the customer will judge a product first on it’s impression. Anyways, you will receive the:

  • Sabrent Wi-Fi Audio Receiver (WF-RADU)
  • User Manual
  • Customer Support Information

They didn’t include a lot mainly because this little gadget works with hardly anything extra.

Part 2

Where Does the Wi-Fi Audio Receiver Exceed?

Unlike it’s competitor, CoolStream, this little gadget plays audio via your home Internet connection rather than Bluetooth. This means that more of your devices are able to play audio to a pair of wired speakers that can now become wireless with the simply addition of this little gadget by Sabrent.

This means you can use your smartphone, tablet, Windows, and Mac computer mainly because the audio that is played to the little gadget is via AirPlay. Sabrent has even taken note that Apple has this pre-configured in their iDevices (i.e. iPod touch, iPhone, and iPad) as well as making sure that Android users has this benefit, too. On the other hand, Windows users are out of luck but that’s a whole different story.

Due to the Wi-Fi Audio Receiver playing music via the connection of Wi-Fi I have noticed that the signal was a lot stronger than Bluetooth. My Internet speed is pretty fast and the connection is solid no matter if I used a smartphone or a tablet.

Where Does the Wi-Fi Audio Receiver Lack?

AirPlay is known for playing multimedia from iOS devices and since the Wi-Fi Audio Receiver depends on this it kind of kick some people in the butt. Basically, those users, like myself, that own a Windows Phone won’t have the luxury to use this little gadget like those that own an iDevice or/and Android device. I will continue to search for apps that use AirPlay for Windows Phone until then this isn’t a recommended product for Windows Phone users.

Besides the lacking support for Windows Phone users I also see a BIG difference from their main competitor, CoolStream, which is that there’s no built-in battery. The Duo Bluetooth Receiver from CoolStream offers a built-in 8-hour battery while the Wi-Fi Audio Receiver requires you to plug it into a USB port (i.e. Computer, Wall Outlet, etc.).

Part 3

How the Wi-Fi Audio Receiver Fit in my Life?

Personally, I don’t see myself using this gadget mainly because the lack of support for Windows Phone as well as being required to plug it into a USB port just to power it. I do have the option to bring a portable battery charger but that’s a bit much and I don’t see myself having a big interest with it.

I believe that this gadget fits better for a user that have a pair of speakers that are not in use but are near an outlet or/and computer and want them to use them again with the help of the Wi-Fi Audio Receiver. Basically, they will be able to control the audio in their home from anywhere inside and outside of their house.

Why Should You Purchase this for Yourself?

Do I recommend it? Well, yes and no; those that own an iOS and Android device should consider picking one up for themselves very soon but those that own a Windows Phone should wait until support is given either from Sabrent or an app in the Windows Store.

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