July 29, 2014

Sabrent USB Turbo Power Charger (HB-SFST) Review

Sabrent USB Turbo Power Charger (HB-SFST) Review

The fact that I have two smartphones, a tablet, and an iPod touch is kind of what some may cal “Techaholic” – someone that have too many devices. I’m addicted and it’s kind of hard to break but I always remain calm especially when it comes to recharging which could talk some serious time and nobody likes wasting time. Thankfully, Sabrent has created an accessory that help speed up that waiting/charging time. Say “Hello” to the USB Turbo Power, your new best friend.

What’s in the Box?

By far, this was the most simple product boxing I have yet to encounter. Matter of fact, it’s not even a box that the product came it it was a plastic casing:

  • Sabrent USB Turbo Power Charger (HB-SFST)

Sabrent USB Turbo Power Charger (HB-SFST)

Where Does the Sabrent USB Turbo Power Charger (HB-SFST) Exceed?

The task that this little guy had to complete was to improve the charging speed of any USB port to help cut down on charging time. For example, it usually take about 30 minutes to charge my iPod touch 4th Generation but with the accessory I was able to charge it within about 15 – 20 minutes. The battery isn’t as large as the Nokia Lumia 1020 which features a beast of a battery that usually takes bout 40 – 60 minutes to charge. The accessory brought it down to about 20 – 30 minutes which is fine with me as well.

It’s very small, not very attractive, but gets the job done in a fashionable time frame. I wouldn’t say purchase it for its looks rather than its ability.

Where Does the Sabrent USB Turbo Power Charger (HB-SFST) Lack?

Sorry, but I mist admit that I have yet to find anything wrong with it. It’s not perfect but then again it’s not horrible.

Sabrent USB Turbo Power Charger (HB-SFST)

How the Sabrent USB Turbo Power Charger (HB-SFST) Fit in my Life?

Personally, it has saved me time in charging all of my devices and I probably would purchase more but I don’t see myself using this on a daily basis especially since I don’t use all of devices a lot. I probably use this accessory here and there but otherwise it’s always good to have when I’m on the go.

Why Should You Purchase this for Yourself?

The price is right and it’s able to complete its required task in a clean and simple manner without requiring you to do a bunch of set up and work. I highly recommend picking up one or more for your devices.

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