September 13, 2014

Sabrent USB Card Reader (CR-CCU3) Review!

Sabrent USB Card Reader (CR-CCU3) Review!

Travel Light While Capturing Memories

The fact that I’m always changing between Micro SD Cards, SD Cards, and computers must say a lot about who I am, correct? If not, then I’ll keep you all wondering while I introduce you to the USB Card Reader (CR-CCU3) from Sabrent. This little accessory has made managing small portable storage a lot easier than before.

What’s in the box?

I’ll keep this section short and sweet since there’s not much to talk about or even introduce to you. This little accessory comes in the standard Sabrent packaging with nothing but:

  • Sabrent USB Card Reader (CR-CCU3)

Sabrent USB Card Reader (CR-CCU3)

Where does the Sabrent USB Card Reader (CR-CCU3) exceed?

I love photography, videography, and everything in between those two elements that help keep me above my daily tasks. This very accessory has done so much that I didn’t expect from the get-go.

Basically, I was able to use my Micro SD Card with a SD Card anywhere and at anytime as long as I had a computer at the time. I simply plugged in the reader and it began reading anything that was inserted. In this case, it was my Micro SD Card but it also has the ability to read a CF Card and SD Card all at the same time! Talk about portable storage being accessible no matter your location.

When you’re read to go then fold the attached USB 3.0 cable under the reader and you’re on your way. I was able to transfer content to and from my computer faster than usual even when content was transferring between different types of card formats.

After you’re finish with whatever you have to do, in my case it was transferring photos and videos to my laptop to edit and organize later, then remove the cards from the reader. A great feature of the reader is the ability to insert one CF Card, Micro SD Card, and a SD Card onto the reader via pre-installed cases on top.

Where does the Sabrent USB Card Reader (CR-CCU3) lack?

As far as problems and issues I have yet to meet any and doubt that I will.

Sabrent USB Card Reader (CR-CCU3)

How does the Sabrent USB Card Reader (CR-CCU3) fit in my life?

Personally, I only see myself using the reader when I’m traveling for events and trying to pack as lite as possible. This reader allows me to reduce extra accessories that I have to carry, such as a CF Reader, extra Micro SD Card, and SD Card reader.

Why should you purchase this for yourself?

It gives you the ability to travel lite no matter how far or how close your destination is. Save money in the end without losing anything important in the process.

The Sabrent USB Card Reader (CR-CCU3) has blown me away as consumer that knows that portable media is valuable!

Sabrent USB Card Reader (CR-CCU3)

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