October 23, 2014

Sabrent 8-Port Aluminum USB Hub for Mac (HB-MC82) Review!

Sabrent 8-Port Aluminum USB Hub for Mac (HB-MC82) Review!

Two USB Cables are Better Than One!

Nowadays, we’re always finding new ways on how to charge and keep charge our devices in the most efficient way possible. There’s a ton of ways for you to charge your devices, but not every way is the most efficient way. Sabrent understands that you care about your devices as well as saving money. That’s why I’m proud to share with you the 8 Port Aluminum USB Hub for Mac (HB-MC82)

What’s in the box?

  • Sabrent 8 Port Aluminum USB Hub for Mac (HB-MC82)

Sabrent 8-Port Aluminum USB Hub for Mac (HB-MC82)

Where does the Sabrent-8 Port Aluminum USB Hub for Mac (HB-MC82) exceed?

As you can see right away Sabrent has slightly changed what they include in their product boxes. Usually, there’s the product itself along with additional paperwork. In this case, I noticed that Sabrent only included the 8 Port Aluminum USB Hub for Mac (HB-MC82) with no additional paperwork. That’s great! Why? Simple, it shows you that Sabrent is becoming more eco-friendly and even saving money in the short run.

The cost of paperwork for any unit of product (i.e. 100 Sabrent 8 Port Aluminum USB Hub for Mac (HB-MC82) will begin to add quickly; in the efforts to lower that cost they removed the paperwork all together. They’re not only benefiting from it theirselves, but the world is as well. We live in a generation that Start Guides, Quick Start Guides, User Manuals, and Manuals aren’t as popular as they were back in the day (if I may say so myself). Matter of fact, a large majority of people leave the paperwork inside the box and never read it. That’s a waste of money and resources.

Sabrent has thought this through to the fullest and made a compromise. Rather including paperwork inside the product box they included it on the box itself. Smart, right? They already include key specifications and features on the sides and front of the box, so they’re using the back of the box to include any additional information.

  • Short Description
  • All Features
  • System Requirements
  • Simple Instructions
  • Product Image

It’s a smart move for Sabrent and I really will like to acknowledge them for making a successful effort for becoming more eco-friendly.

Sabrent success doesn’t stop at the product box, that’s just the first impression. Brilliant! The 8 Port Aluminum USB Hub for Mac (HB-MC82) is what you’re truly here for, so I won’t waste anymore of your time.

The HB-MC82 features a unique design in which there’s two USB 2.0 cables that are needed to be plugged directly into your computer. Sabrent has designed this product this way in order to avoid including a power adapter which nobody really like since it requires a wall port to be powered on and become usable. That’s a flaw, well con, that many of us average consumers highly dislike. Luckily, Sabrent has gone the extra mile and found a solution to this pain the butt. They produced the HB-MC82 to feature two USB cables in which one cable will strictly be used for powering the hub while the other cable is used for transferring data between the hub and the computer.

This isn’t a first time that I have seen this type of design, but I only have seen it done with keyboards and mice. It’s great to see that USB hubs are capable of such wonders. In my testing, I have found that I was able to successfully use the USB hub to its full extent without any major issues. The USB ports are USB 2.0, so nothing special, but I do appreciate that they’re lined up to a position in which it’s easy to access quickly. For example, plugging in and removing a thumb drive at ease. The profile is low to the surface and represents the icon appearance of Apple devices (i.e. Mac’s, iMac’s, iPhones, etc.).

This is truly a great quality product features a superb build quality which is thanks to the aluminum body which is cold to the touch removing the chance of the USB hub overheating within a desk drawer or enclosure.

Sabrent isn’t the type of company that likes to flash their brand name all over their product, so the fact that their brand name along with the model number is on the bottom earns them even more respect from us. Also, they’re great with including rubber feet on their products, such as this one. I placed it on my desk (i.e. Cherry Wood) and had a hard time forcing it to be moved, so that’s actually a good thing since I rather keep it in one spot rather than having it slip around and scratch my desk!

As far as transfer speeds are concerned there’s nothing special to look for. I was able to transfer documents from my external USB storage devices to my computer in decent speed even with this hub only support USB 2.0 connectivity.

Where does the Sabrent-8 Port Aluminum USB Hub for Mac (HB-MC82) lack?

The HB-MC82 is a fantastic product with it share of disappointment. I wish it featured USB 3.0 ports or at least two (2x) USB 3.0 ports within the hub. I understand that it will require additional power which should be no problem with it’s two USB cable design. Otherwise, that’s the only con and recommendation I have for it. Great job, Sabrent!

Sabrent 8-Port Aluminum USB Hub for Mac (HB-MC82)

How does the Sabrent-8 Port Aluminum USB Hub for Mac (HB-MC82) fit in my life?

Personally, I don’t use the HB-MC82 a great amount since I don’t have a ton of USB devices connecting to my computer. But, when I do video and audio recording it comes in handy since much of my hardware is USB-powered. Ah, did I mention that I tested this with a Windows 8.1 PC? It’s designed for Mac, but like always Sabrent does their best and make it compatible on Windows and Linux. No problems from my end.

Why should you purchase this for yourself?

It’s a beautiful designed USB hub that includes more than enough USB ports along with a durable body that will last you for years to come. The price range isn’t high which makes it an idea product for any home/work office.

Sabrent 8-Port Aluminum USB Hub for Mac (HB-MC82)

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