April 2, 2014

Sabrent 4-Port Travel USB Charging Station (AX-UCFW) Review!

Sabrent 4-Port Travel USB Charging Station (AX-UCFW) Review!

It’s becoming harder and harder to find a wall charger that stands out to you since many companies aren’t being innovative and “different.” Sabrent may have a point with their Travel USB Charging Station which you can purchase via Amazon US for about $13 ($12.99) plus shipping and special thanks to Sabrent for sending this out to review. We will be reviewing many more of their products as 2014 continues on.

Before breaking out into my review of the pros and cons I want to quickly review what you receive with the wall charger. Which is nothing much besides a Help paper in case you run into any problems. I didn’t much since it is indeed selling for less than $15.

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Sabrent has always been experimenting with different ways to make traveling and keeping your devices charged easier. It may been something as simple as update a previous model or pushing out a new product. This one product that I reviewed by them gets it name directly from what it can actually do. The term “travel” branches from it being only 3.2 ounces as well as small enough to fit in your pocket along with the “fold-down” prongs in order to keep it from sticking holes into materials. I love this little feature that made such a big difference for us travelers. Please note that when I refer to the term “travelers” I’m stating anyone that is on-the-move. It could be from home to a hotel in the same or in a different state. Basically, anyone who need to charge their devices away from home.

Now, the color scheme that Sabrent has went with really gives the product a beautiful appearance next to it’s performance. The depth of the blue onto of the black with a streamline of blue is just beautiful and complements excellently. In the front, you should find four USB ports but the very last one is highlighted in the color of red and labeled 2.4A to notify you that it will be able to charge tablets and phablets (large screen smartphones) at a quicker rate than usual. The other three are great, don’t get me wrong, but they are mainly for charging your phablets, smartphones, cellphones, and such.

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In the end, I must say that I wasn’t too “excited” to review another wall charger especially since I reviewed one from Pawtec. But, Sabrent has given me a reason to rethink this product but I do wish to see an updated version with two 2.1A ports instead of one. Overall, excellent product for such a great price!

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