April 9, 2014

Sabrent 4 Port Aluminum USB 3.0 Hub (HB-MCS4) Review!

Sabrent 4 Port Aluminum USB 3.0 Hub (HB-MCS4) Review!

There’s never a reason why you shouldn’t have the best for an affordable price. Sabrent listens to their customers, interacts with their community, and responds with even better products than before. This USB hub is packing more than what the eye can see. You can even purchase it via Amazon for about $15 ($14.99) plus free shipping and special thanks to Sabrent for sending this out to review.

Sabrent has been working with us for a great amount of time and we have reviewed enough of their products to safetly say that Sabrent is one of the best companies that produce consumer electronics. Don’t believe me then let’s dive into the review. Shall we? Busting in with the recap of what you receive when you purchase yours is actually minimum. Which isn’t bad if you think about. For once, less is better. Shocking, right?! Basically, you receive the USB hub, paperwork, and the proprietary cable. That’s it! I agree with Sabrent style of package for this product because this means I don’t have to spend time figuring out how to setup and use the USB hub. Excellent job, Sabrent.

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When it came to setting up the USB hub and using it was easy like 3.14 (pie). All I had to do was connect it to my computer with the included cable; USB plugs into the computer and the other end connects into the USB hub. Done! Since the cable and product is USB 3.0 not every one has a computer that features a USB 3.0 port. That’s completely fine, my friends! Why? Sabrent has taken you into account when producing this product and made sure that it as well as the cable was USB backwards-compatible. Huh? It will allow you to use it as well as the cable with any computer that features a USB 2.0 or USB 3.0 port.

What’s the difference? There’s no really big difference unless you’re transferring a great amount of data from/to your computer to/from a USB-connected device. Otherwise, the connect is strong and fast with the act of transferring a little amount of multimedia at one time. But, if you do have a computer that has a built-in USB 3.0 port then this USB hub is beyond perfect for you and will increase productivity when transferring data in a small amount of time.

The USB hub is beyond beautiful with it’s aluminum body, rounded edges, and plastic ends. It’s expected from Sabrent and unexpected for the pricing. It’s a bit ironic but Sabrent never fails to surprise us with such performance and appearance. On the top, you will find their company name which isn’t the best when it comes to being bold. It pretty much blends in with the background and doesn’t stand out like it should; unless you’re looking at it from a certain angle.It’s no deal breaker, not at all, but if Sabrent could improve on it then it would be much appreciated. Otherwise, you can find the USB ports (4 in total) on the bottom.

What I found surprising is that they are all white which usually signals that they are all USB 2.0 ports since USB 3.0 ports are highlighted with the color blue. It was a head scratcher indeed but I could understand this reasoning. The white actually goes hand-and-hand with the color scheme better than blue. Usually, I wouldn’t consider such difference inside reviewing but this is a let since they do include that the hub is USB 3.0.

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There’s nothing included on the left side but the right side is home to the proprietary port and another port that I’ unfamiliar with because there’s no cable included with it and no indication that points to what it is. But, I’m guessing that it’s the port that will allow you to power it without it being connected to your computer. It’s guess based off of past experiences.

Now, I could only find one con with the product which is that there’s no feet on the bottom which makes it very accessible to becoming scratched and damaged. This is a disappointing feature that’s missing and I’m hoping that Sabrent includes feet or some type of padding on the bottom in their future USB hubs. Mainly because it will slip and slide all across your desk and if you have a glass surface then it will surely damage it very quickly. In conclusion, Sabrent has done a fantastic job with this USB hub and if we overlook the single con then it’s a perfect accessory for you to pick up for yourself, friends, family, and fellow Geeks.

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