November 29, 2013

RAVPower Luster Series Power Bank [RP-PB08] Review!

RAVPower Luster Series Power Bank [RP-PB08] Review!

It’s more than a portable charging since it features an ultra bright flashlight with three modes. You can purchase this product viaAmazon US for about $19 ($18.99) with free shipping or via Amazon UK for about 12 pounds (11.99). And special thanks to our friends at RAVPower for sending this out to review.

When you receive yours in the mail you will also receive the clip accessory, start guide, micro USB to USB cable, and the color choice of black, blue, gold, or silver. I highly recommend purchasing these models to match your iPhone 5S. They taken this into mind to give you a more personal level of customer experience.

There’s only a 3000mAh battery inside which isn’t enough for the phablets of the world. Yes, I’m talking about my Samsung GalaxyS4, Galaxy Note’s, and so on. It will indeed charge your iPhone 4+ without a problem but it barely charges my Galaxy S4. For example, my S4 was at 20% but the portable died at 40%. It was no help and I didn’t even use the flashlight feature. I only recommend this product for those who have an iPhone 4+ or anything similar to the model with it’s battery capacity.

Talking about the flashlight. Yes RAVPower usually includes one inside their portable battery products. This one includes a high/low option as well as a strobe option. It’s similar to a “party in your hands” you could say.

When charging the portable battery you will be notified of a red LED at the top and even the flashlight turning on at full brightness. It’s a little annoying at some times but at least you know that you have power, Houston.

I find that it takes about an hour to charge but it don’t perform well with smartphones that have a larger battery capacity than the iPhone 4+.

There’s also good features of the product such as the form factor. It’s similar to a lip stick and I highly recommend it for the ladies. It’s only 5.6 ounces and it’s the lightest portable battery that I have ever reviewed (Nov. 2013). The battery capacity isn’t huge so it’s not recommended for those who have a display that has a big battery. It’s not horrible but not ready for the smartphones that we are use to at the moment that require a large amount of battery.

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