July 23, 2014

RAVPower 4-Port USB Wall Charger (RP-UC07) Review

RAVPower 4-Port USB Wall Charger (RP-UC07) Review

Keeping a clear work space is good for your health, your environment, as well as your insanity. Did you know that a messy and unorganized workplace will keep your mind busy and increase the chance of your forgetting to complete things. It’s true fact and RAVPower has produced a solution to this little problem. It’s a little box better known as the 4-Port Wall Charger.

The name of this little accessory is actually a little false but in a good way, that is. You will understand once you read the review and picture having this in your very home.

What’s in the Box?

Before I can give you all the information and details about the 4-Port Wall Charger I must refresh your memory on what else you receive;

  • RAVPower 4-Port Wall Charger
  • AC Wall Port (Country Specific)
  • User Manual

They included everything that the average consumer would need but I do wish they could of had also included a shorten cable for the Lightning Port/Micro USB as a little bonus.

Part 1

Where Does the RAVPower 4-Port Wall Charger (RP-UC07) Exceed?

To be honest, this is my first ever accessory that I can actually use on my device past my testing period. In other words, I use this bad boy every single day since I like charging my devices up at night for a full battery and use the next day.

I have tested and used USB hubs but they’re not for me since they receive a wall outlet power source AND a USB connection to your computer. I don’t like having a bunch of devices connected to my computer so the 4-Port Wall Charger is a life saver. I can simply walk to it, plug in my shorten Micro USB cable, and begin charging my Nokia Lumia 810 right away. It’s that simple!

Where Does the RAVPower 4-Port Wall Charger (RP-UC07) Lack?

There’s actually nothing really bad about this little accessory. I like that it’s offer in two colors (black or white) and the fact that it’s not glossy is more than a single reason for you to add this to your shopping list. The only real improvement that I recommend to RAVPower is that they include an On/Off switch to help save energy.

Having it on all the time isn’t ideal, a waste of power, and kind of annoying when that blue light is always shining at you at night – or is that just me? Either way, an On/Off switch would be a great addition and improvement.

Part 3

How the RAVPower 4-Port Wall Charger (RP-UC07) Fit in my Life?

Personally, I will be using this on a daily basis to continue charging my devices, in this case; my Samsung Galaxy S4, Nokia Lumia 810, and anything else that may need a little boost to make it through the day or at least part of the day.

Why Should You Purchase this for Yourself?

For those that are OCD, a neat-freak, or just like to keep things nice and tidy (referring to cable management and such) then I highly recommend picking yours up today! I have yet to review anything else like the 4-Port USB Wall Charger and probably won’t for a while, to be honest with you all.

Purchase RAVPower 4-Port USB Wall Charger (RP-UC07) | Amazon US or Amazon UK

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