November 5, 2013

Pawtec UltraSlim Portable USB 3.0 Slot-Loading Blu-Ray Writer Review!

Pawtec UltraSlim Portable USB 3.0 Slot-Loading Blu-Ray Writer Review!

You can now write your photos, videos, and music to your CDs, DVDs, and even Blu-Ray disks by purchasing this product via Pawtec’s official website for about $180 ($179.99) or via Amazon US when it’s become in-stock. And special thanks to our friends at Pawtec for sending this out to review.

I know that the price may be scaring you but let me give you the run down of what you’re receiving with this package. The packaging itself is Eco-Friendly which is fantastic since they’re looking out for the environment while providing you with a great product. You will find an official Pawtec sticker (non-stick-able), Pawtec social networks card, specifications paperwork, introduction card, and last would be the product itself. Which is indeed on top if you go from top to bottom.

Let’s make our way to the product itself. I have chosen the beautiful silver model to match my office setup but it’s also available in a black model. I recommend purchasing the color choice that bet fits your office setup and personality. Turning the product upside down you will find information as well as a very thin layer of rubber to help keep your product from slipping off the desk into a dooming fall of death.

There’s nothing presented on the right side beside that beautiful silver finishing but Pawtec’s logo is present on the left side but isn’t intrusive at all which makes their “simple yet professional” design even more better to love.

If we spin around to the back you will a tale, or the USB 3.0 cable, that connects directly to your computer, I have tried connecting it to my USB 3.0 hub but my computer didn’t recognize it at all which forced me to plug it into a USB 2.0 port on my computer. It was a disappointment since this product works with Windows 2000 to Windows XP and even Max OS X.

I didn’t write a lot of content to any disks but I did do a lot of formatting and transferring files using CDs and DVDs. I find that it was very simple. I plugged in the product, auto-installed it, and boom; it began working right away with no installation disk whatsoever. When you plug it in or boot it along side your computer it makes a reasonable loud noise that alerts you that it’s working and on. It’s somewhat annoying but isn’t a deal breaker for myself.

This moves me into the next issue I have with it which is that whenever I insert a disk it has to cycle very loud until it reads the disk and begin spinning at normal speeds. It reminds me of my PlayStation 2 (Slim Edition) booting up. I also expected the product to do a lot more when it came to “grabbing” my attention, literally. I had to almost fully insert the disk before it was possible to remove the disk from my hand and begin reading it. Its unnecessary and hopefully improved very soon.

I don’t mind returning to my computer to eject the disk but an eject button would be excellent if there was no other buttons at all. At the end I find that this is an amazing product for the money you’re spending.

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