April 1, 2014

Pawtec Signature Dual USB Wall Charger Review!

Pawtec Signature Dual USB Wall Charger Review!

Are you still searching for “The One” that will come into your life for the better, change how you view the world, and make things better? It seems impossible but Pawtec has produced a travel-size partner known as the Signature Dual USB Wall Charger that’s available in the colors of white and back selling for about $18 ($17.99) plus shipping via Amazon US and special thanks to Pawtec for sending this out to review.

Like always, I want to quickly recap what I received with my Product Unit, which included a Quick Start paper and the wall charger. Unlike the competition, they also included a small yet reasonable size traveling bag with the product itself. Which is a giant thumbs up to Pawtec for going up and beyond what is expected from a small yet growing business. In conclusion, Pawtec has thought of everything you need to get started while selling it for less than $35 (original price).

If anything, Pawtec has always kept their products simple, elegant, and best-performing at it’s fullest. Pawtec includes their logo, well colorful name, on the front which is beautiful from an average consumer point-of-view. On the back, it’s plain and nothing included. Especially that annoying text that tells information that no one cares about. Psst. Pawtec hidden it on the bottom so don’t worry about having a product that is so nerdy with you.

The left side is simple but includes a two-prong setup in order to power it. This setup is included since I live in the United States and everything is American. All jokes aside, the right side is blank, which is perfectly fine with me.

The last side that I didn’t include is where the fun starts. They included two 2.1 amps port for you to charge your devices at the same time. Wait! Both USB ports are 2.1 amps and not 1.0 amps. Gasp! “Things just got real.” This gives you the power to charge your smartphones at the same time, your two tablets at the same time, or a smartphone and a tablet. The possibilities are endless! Pawtec has outdone the competition as of March 2014!

In conclusion, Pawtec has came a long way since they started and is improving on the mistakes of their competitors and of course haters. I love this product and highly recommend checking it out and even purchasing it for yourself!

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