January 21, 2014

Nextek Pocket Boost 4400 Rechargeable External Battery Review!

Nextek Pocket Boost 4400 Rechargeable External Battery Review!

I have unboxed, tested, and reviewed many portable rechargeable batteries but Nextek has my mind rambling at the moment. I’m proud to present the Pocket Boost 4400 from Nextek. You can purchase this product via their official website for about $30 ($29.99) and special thanks to Nextek for sending this out to review!

Like always, I want to review what you receive when you purchase this product for yourself. It’s actually not much for such a reasonable price. This includes the Pocket Boost 4400, a USB to MicroUSB cable, three charging adapters, and a User Manual. Unlike their competition, they actually include charging connector adapters to give you the ability to charge your Apple devices (that support a 30-pin connector), your older devices that uses a Mini USB, and of course your MicroUSB since many popular devices support this connections. Sadly, they don’t include a Lighting Adapter for the new Apple devices but you should already own this cable. It’s no deal breaker but a very small fall back for others.

Part 5

Now you understand the little bits of the package then it’s time to get down and dirty! Too fast, I apologize 😀 Actually, no because that’s the speed that the Pocket Boost 4400 can charge your devices. I’m able to charge my Samsung Galaxy S4 about 2 times from 20% before having to recharge the portable battery. That is definitely my cup of tear, if I may say myself. I mainly tested this product the same way I test similar products in the past. I would charge my Apple iPod touch 4th Generation, Nokia Lumia 810, and even the Samsung Galaxy S4 all from 20% of battery life. The results would differ but mainly gave me the ability to charge to 80% two times before recharging the Pocket Boost 4400.

Part 4

The only drawback, for myself, is that it only includes one USB output meaning that I was only able to charge one device at a time. It’s nothing too big to worry about but something to take in when considering. Since the competition offers products with two USB outputs but not at such affordable pricing. I can overlook this flaw thanks to the decent, not great, LED light that’s built in. This made it a lot easier when searching for things in the dark, such as a lamp, a chair, and etc. This little extra is something different since I mainly only see it on RAVPower portable rechargeable products. I’m very happy to see that Nextek is not flowing with the competition.

Part 3

Matter of fact, quickly while I’m at it, they include a button and four (4) LEDs on the top to display the battery level. They correspond from 25%, 50%, 75%, and 100%. I love the way that I can check the levels just by clicking the button to the left. In conclusion, this is a beast of a mini portable rechargeable battery that I highly recommend picking up for yourself!

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