March 19, 2014

New Trent Rapiduo Plus Dual High-Speed USB Port Car Charger (NT81T)

New Trent Rapiduo Plus Dual High-Speed USB Port Car Charger (NT81T)

It has been a while since I wrote a review but I’m glad to be back and charged up with such an incredible duo-pack thanks to our friends at New Trent. You can purchase this product via Amazon US for about $12 (Plus Shipping and via Amazon UK for about €9.95 (Plus Shipping).

Falling back into routine I really like the way that New Trent has presented this product to their consumers (us) with all the information on the box itself. Beautiful, informative, and elegant as usual. When I received the product I didn’t expect to actually receive not only one but two car chargers. That’s not common with their competition and the fact that New Trent has done this little magic trick places them at the top of our list of being the Best Car Charger of March 2014. Yes, that award has been taken to them so let’s dive in with the pros, cons, and conclusion.

Part 18

The first thing that I noticed right away when I picked them up, besides being very slippery, is that they are very light. I didn’t expect them to be made out of metal or anything since they are selling for less than $15 or €15. That’s when I have to warn you about the con of it being very slippery. Personally, I hate it when products are glossy since they are doomed to a life of being slippery (easy to drop), a fingerprint hotel and cause me to have to wipe them down all the time, and they don’t always have the best appearance thanks to the fingerprints living on it. Now, do remember that you receive two car chargers; one in the color of black and the other in the color of white. I found that the color of black is very spotty with fingerprints and require more cleaning than the one in the color of white which doesn’t show fingerprints as clearly as the black does. There’s a benefit and loss in that equation.

Part 17

These bad boys (or bad girls) are outputting a charge of 5 volts or 2.1 amps which is the required charge to be able to charge your tablet, such as an Apple iPad and so on. I have noticed that New Trent didn’t include specifications on their car chargers and actually labeled the port as ‘A’ and ‘B’. Never seen this before but I love it! Believe it or not they both provide the same output charge. New Trent clearly presents their recommendations of each port on the packaging itself. They recommend charging your Apple devices with port ‘A’ and Android devices charged with port ‘B’ but I didn’t find a different at which is perfect for those who won’t remember the recommendations.

In the end, New Trent has done their research, listened to their customers, and improved to the best of their ability. They deserve a round of drinks (of Apple Juice) so they can stay charged and continue to present awesome products like this one. Bam, boom, pow!

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