November 18, 2013

My Canon DSLR Lenses for Videography

My Canon DSLR Lenses for Videography

A lot of people always ask what Lens setup do I use when it comes to videography and stills. Considering I use a Canon 60D DSLR I have chosen two specific lenses that really apply the most benefit to my use. Your use case may be different but I believe these to offer the best value for an all round setup.


The primary lens I use is the Canon 24-105MM F4 IS. This lens provides a usable range from wide angle to a closer shot. This is my go to lens if I only want to carry one with me. The IS (Image Stabilisation) is a great help when using video as it isn’t always possible to carry a tripod with you.


The second lens I use is when the Canon 24-105MM F4 IS reaches its limitation, its Macro shots, the focus distance is OK but when I want to get really close up I use the Canon 60MM F2.8 Macro. This can focus extremely close to subjects as well as providing a great depth of field shot.


For examples you can watch any of my YouTube videos and you will see how they perform. I have to admit I do not use them as much for photography as I do for video. However from what is available on the market both these lens are really a must have for any Canon DSLR shooter.

More information about these Lenses: Canon Lenses

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