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Product Feedback is a collaboration of media produced by multiple consumer technology experts from across the World. Our aim is to provide you with up to date knowledge on the latest technology through simple, beautiful and quality rich content.

We also aim to help you use these products with helpful explanations, tutorials and guides. We hope you enjoy and appreciate the hard work we have put in to making this possible. Please share this site with your friends and follow our social media networks.

We were officially launched on the 12/12/12.



Product Feedback is a great platform for your company to advertise with. We offer multiple advertisement avenues using our website and social media. We attract an audience primarily interested in consumer technology so if you think your business or product would appeal to them please contact us below.


468×60 Advertisment
The 468×60 ad will appear on the top right corner of every page on Product Feedback. The banner is allowed to have animation but not flash. $50 per month

300×250 Advertisment

The 300×250 ad will appear on each post page as well in each of the category lists (Reviews, Unboxing and Explained). $25 per month

Premium Full Page Home Background Advertisement

This allows a large html enabled advertisement as the background for the Product Feedback homepage. $500 per month

Sponsored Posts

Product Feedback accepts sponsored posts. Please contact us with your advertisement suggestion and we can discuss this further. $100 per post

Alternative Advertisements

We are open to alternative forms of advertising. This can include pre-roll ads for our videos, YouTube Channel Ads and Twitter Ads. Price as per negotiation

How To Order

Please contact us if you are interested in purchasing any of the offered advertisements.


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