September 19, 2013

Melkco Premium Leather Face Cover Case for Samsung Galaxy S4 Review!

Melkco Premium Leather Face Cover Case for Samsung Galaxy S4 Review!

Protect and style your Galaxy S4 by purchasing this on Amazon for about $32 ($31.44) with free shipping. You can choose between black, red, and white. At the moment, this product isn’t available on Amazon UK.

This is one of my favorite cases for the Galaxy S4. Its not heavy, thick, or complex. It’s simple with the design, style, and features. I’m still disappointed that it don’t include a screen protector but it is made out of Genuine Premium Cow Leather that will not only last long but also feel great in the hand.

When you put your Galaxy S4 inside this case and close the cover you should notice a cut out for your front. This makes it possible to talk on the phone without having the cover open and being annoying.

I also love taking photos and videos with my Galaxy S4. I find that the cut outs for the rear-facing camera and LED are perfect. No flash black or problems with the case on.

When buying a case you should consider the cut out for the speaker port also. Luckily, the cut out on this case is perfect and didn’t cause any muffling with the audio unless covered by a hard surface, such as my desk.

Like many cases there are large cut outs on the case. There’s one at the top for the IR blaster, speaker, and 3.5mm headphone jack. And one on the bottom for the microphone and Micro USB port. No problems with any of the cut outs and find that they both are very accurate.

Even the small cut out for the power/lock button is perfect. No matter if you do or don’t have long fingernails.

But, when I have to turn the volume up or down then there’s the issue. I would have to use my left hand even though I’m right handed. This is all because of the cover being flipped on the back. But I did find that changing the volume with the cover closed worked a lot better.

The inside of the case is covered with soft material with yup you guessed it, Melkco branding. I like there approach toward branding inside rather than outside.

I really like this case even with the small issues that come with it but I still recommend buying this for yourself. To protect and give your Galaxy S4 a little design.

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