April 25, 2012

Mac WINS or Does It SUCK?

Mac WINS or Does It SUCK?

Here are some of the questions people are asking. This video is here to address these concerns.

What are the differences between Mac and Windows?
Should I switch to Mac?
Should I buy a Apple Macbook or Windows Computer?
Apple Mac?
Muhammad Why shouldn’t I go for a Mac?

  • Steve

    Nice review.

    I would not want to edit multimedia on a windows SW anyway? On the apple side even if your have final cut you will probably buy After effects and light room anyway (if your serious). In the end, Adobe for both. I guess if your not serious go with the apple.

    resale value on a computer… After 4 years they are obsolete anyway.

    Home theater PC – had one for years and it works beautifully with a wireless keyboard. (I have a long HDMI cable though so I give you the wireless point.)

    I would agree apple is better, but for the price I’d rather invest the extra money in the PC so that it kills the apple in power an add some Adobe SW.

    • http://www.productfeedback.com.au Muhammad S

      It is a valid opinion that Windows computers can use Adobe SW and make up for the “lack” of good Microsoft editing programs. However Adobe SW costs a lot of money. Light-room for example costs $149.

      I still believe Microsoft should be providing an EXCELLENT experience in simple tasks like photo and video editing/management/sharing.

      These days hardware is becoming not such a huge issue. Mac’s are equipped with components that I doubt more users will utilise. This goes the same for Windows Based Machines. (Not Talking Custom Built)