December 13, 2013

Labato Protective Stand Sports Case Cover Review!

Labato Protective Stand Sports Case Cover Review!

Maybe a credit card holder case isn’t for you or your taste. Well, welcome to the multimedia side of the case world my friends. You can purchase this product via Amazon US for about $13 ($12.99) with free shipping and via Amazon UK for about 12 Pounds (11.99). And special thanks to our friends at Labato for sending this out to review.

I absolutely love this product to the point that I’m watching the Apple Byte (via CNET) on my Galaxy S4 thanks to this very case. I usually would have to find a portable stand, after shuffling through my cabinets, just to watch videos on my Galaxy S4 via landscape mode. This case makes it so easy and effortless. But, I gotta start with the box before diving any deeper.

The boxing experience was perfect. I love Labato’s boxes since they know exactly how to send a message to us consumer without over-doing it with photos, colors, and nonsense. It’s simple, professional, and dare I say sexy. I did!

Now, moving onto the case like I promised. Slipping my Galaxy S4 was painless even though the case is a hard/soft gel case. It does feature “Perfect Fit” technology which is great for everybody! Alright, taking a look on the back you will find a cut out for your camera, flash, and speaker grill. No problem with my photos or videos even though there’s a case surround it. But, I did find a little muffling in the audio which is expected since many cases have this same situation. Except, this very case has the best built-in stand that I have ever used. It’s firm at first but after a week or so it will operate with flawlessness. Not too hard or too soft to use.

The front has nothing to special and there’s no built-in or included screen protector. Leaning on the left side would be the volume rocker and the right side is also covered for your power/lock button. The top features precise cut outs for your IR blaster, microphone, and 3.5mm headphone jack. While the bottom features cut outs for your microphone and mini USB to USB port. Please note that there are actual cut outs for the top and bottom. Unlike other companies, Labato has taken the time to protect your device by creating these cut outs inside of creating a long and unnecessary cut out.

Which leaves me to the end of my review. It’s not too long since it’s a pretty straight forward device with no flaws whatsoever. It’s probably the only case that I have reviewed that actually receive a perfect rating!

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