December 17, 2013

Labato Premium Leather Case Cover (Rose & Black) Review!

Labato Premium Leather Case Cover (Rose & Black) Review!

You would think that this is another regular ol case for your iPad Air, right? Well, Labato is changing this motto one time at a time and you’re about to learn that in this review. You  can purchase either the black or rose (aka pink) color model via Amazon US and Amazon UK which the pricing will vary. And special thanks to our friends at Labato for sending these out to review and give away to you!

Looking into the unboxing experience would be an honor. Even though this is a bigger box than any other product I have reviewed from them, Labato continues to provide us with a professional unboxing experience. The box is simple yet bold with their logo in the front center, compatible devices in the front lower center and a small sticker off the right side. They don’t try to draw your attention with wild coloring, overflow of photos, and stupid attempts that other companies are doing. I will always love Labato boxes until I find another company that can out-do them.

Part 1
My cases came with a screen protector but I’m unsure what you will receive when you purchase your cases. Either way you can always purchase them via Amazon US and Amazon UK for a pretty good deal. I’m hoping that they do provide a screen protector since it would help balance the pricing of this product.

Slipping your iPad Air into the case and removing it is like butter on toast. It may not taste like that metaphor but it’s very true my friends. After the device is inside you will find your cut outs on top for your power/lock button, microphone, and 3.5mm headphone jack. Stop! Labato taken the time to create cut outs for these connections since other companies would usually create a long and unnecessary cut out that adds too much gap and not enough protection. Labato has listened to us and created precise cut outs that are perfect, in my opinion. But, I don’t see why wouldn’t this experience be the same for you.

Part 2
The left side has the binding so I will move over to the right and find a cut out for the volume buttons; no problem accessing and using them. Last but not least would be the bottom where you can find a cut out that’s large enough to incorporate your microphone, speaker, and lighting port. I found little to no muffling of the sound or even using a 3rd party lighting cable.

When you open or close your cover you should notice that your screen turns on or off. This is because of the auto wake-up function that”s built in. It’s perfect for locking and protecting your device when you are on the go. I find that it worked 9 out of 10 times and wasn’t too hard to use with one hand. Also, you should notice the very sexy color strips that run down the right side of the case. The beautiful contrast between the color of the case and the strips of black, red, and white is perfect! Plus, the Labato branding on the front lower left hand corner is perfect as well. Not too small or too big that it’s intrusive. When flipping to the back you will notice a cut out for your rear-facing camera and microphone. Nothing too much going on which is perfect since staying simple works well.

Part 3
Opening the case will reveal a soft-touch material that will protect your iPad Air all around. Taking even a closer look you should see a slogan at the bottom and on the cover’s far right side. It doesn’t bother me but it’s something different and unique. Now you can see that Labato is taking chances and doing very well, so far. Since it’s not a folio case you will be able to fold the cover into a triangle so you can use it for typing or viewing multimedia in landscape positions. The positions may not be the best but it will work for lite use.

I believe that I covered (see what I did there?) all the pros and cons of the case and my conclusion is that it’s a must-buy for any iPad Air owner. It’s a perfect price and available in the colors of black and rose (or pink).

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