November 14, 2013

Labato Folio Cover Case for Samsung Galaxy S4 (Brown) Review!

Labato Folio Cover Case for Samsung Galaxy S4 (Brown) Review!

Adding a little class to your device doesn’t mean you have to shell out a ton of money in the short run. Labato is dedicated to selling you this perfect case via Ali Express for about $13 ($12.99), via Amazon for $9.50, and via eBay for about $10 ($9.99). And special thanks to Labato for sending this out to review.

I love Labato’s dedication in providing you with an excellent customer experience before you even open the box to reveal their products. They take time in creating a packaging box that’s simple yet beautiful. Their logo is present and not intrusive, along with slogans around the edge, and a simple product identification sticker. I don’t want to bore you with my nerdgasm so let’s dive in, shall we?

Before you even begin using the case you will find that you have to remove the original Galaxy S4 back cover to properly use this case. Honestly, I like this touch since it keeps the product at a sleek form factor for those who don’t like bulky items in our pockets. But, I did find it hard installing sometimes since the flip cover doesn’t stay close automatically and I use a wireless charging adapter. This created a bubble but the case still performed very well.

Stepping back to the front you will notice mesh cutouts for the speaker and an empty window cut out for the display. The window cut out allows you to view the time, date, notifications and such without opening the case and turning on the device on. I love this feature that’s also available with their iPhone cases now. But, I find that it was too low to see my notifications without having to adjust it into an uncomfortable position in which I ended up opening the case anyways.

Which leads me into the feature that the Galaxy S4 is known for sleep/wake. I’m able to close or open the case to lock or unlock my device. A small feature but very hand for those who don’t want to put their password in multiple times in a short session, as myself find using this product a bunch of times on a regular basis.

If we return to the full view of the case you will notice no protection for your IR blaster, microphone, or even 3.5mm headphone jack on the top. This also applies to your power/lock button the right side, and even the microphone and micro USB port on the bottom. This can lead to damage with any small bumps or accidental drops. Especially, since the cover don’t stay close automatically and hardly close anyways (even after a week of use).

Like I said in the beginning, the back cover is replaced and now you have cut outs for your rear facing camera, LED flash, and speaker. No problems in this department at all and find it very comfortable to hold in the hand at any give time. It’s not perfect since it made taking pictures and recording videos difficult when using the rear facing camera.

In the end, this case has it’s perfection and it’s flaws but it depends on what you want out of it in the end. It could be your bestfriend to the end or the deaf of your device with one fall.

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