November 13, 2013

Labato Folio Cover Case for Apple iPhone 5 (Blue) Review!

Labato Folio Cover Case for Apple iPhone 5 (Blue) Review!

I reviewed the black one but it’s time to move onto this beautiful baby blue one. You can purchase this product via Amazon US for about $10 ($9.99) with free shipping and Ali Express for about $13 ($12.99) with free shipping. And special thanks to our friends at Labato for sending this out to review.

I don’t want to start with the case itself since Labato has taken the time to produce a shipping experience like no other I have experienced with a case. The box is simple, sleek, and sexy with their branding on the front along with logos around the box. No fancy photos and ugly colors are a no-go for them. They did a fantastic job!

Now it’s time to jump into the product by starting with the two view windows that are on the front to give you the ability to view the time and notifications as well as accept or reject calls without ever having to open your case. This is featured with Samsung’s Galaxy S4 and cases. It’s perfect when you’re on the go and saving a little battery here and there.

Protecting my iPhone 5 was the last thing on my mind since this case features 100% handcraft and durable edge protection. It not only protect but also give style to my device without having to pay $50 and more. The only problem is that the top cut out for the power/lock button is too small and I find myself having a hard time locking/unlocking the device with out hand or even two hands.

The inside will protect your device from the inside out thanks to the soft interior lining that absorbs shock from average bumps and drops. I don’t recommend dropping it from high heights (ex: 8 feet or more) since the folio cover may open and caused you to faint on site. Otherwise, it’s protection is superior with style.

No problems with the cut out for the rear facing camera, secondary microphone, or flash. While the bottom features a large cut out for your 3.5mm headphone jack, microphone, speaker, and lighting port. The only problem I had with this section is that plugging in bigger-than-usual 3.5mm headphone jacks was a problem since it was so tight around the case. I truly do love this case with it’s beautiful slim design, light weight, and the perfect fit for my iPhone 5. Plus, the many colors that’s available in.

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