November 12, 2013

Labato Folio Cover Case for Apple iPhone 5 (Black) Review!

Labato Folio Cover Case for Apple iPhone 5 (Black) Review!

Be different in the world by purchasing this product via Amazon US for about $10 ($9.99), eBay for about $18 ($17.99), and Ali Xpress for about $17 ($16.99). And special thanks to Labato for sending this out to review.

Before I even get to the product itself I really want to show you how much Labato is dedicated to providing you with an experience that you will never forget in a lifetime. They worked hard on the case but also the packaging. It’s simple, sleek, and sexy like their cases. Not too many colors, logos, and slogans but it gets the point across without having to write so much.

Enough with the packaging and onto the product itself. It’s different when compared to other cases that you have probably used in the past. It features two view windows on the front that allow you to check the time and notifications as well as receive and reject phone calls without ever having to open the cover. It’s a popular feature for the Samsung Galaxy S4 and this case brings it to the Apple iPhone 5.

You can pick any color you wish, besides the color black like I have, and they all are 100% handcraft and durable when it comes to gentle abuse. I’m referring to dropping and sliding it on your desk and such. It’s not super protective that it can withstand a fall from such a great distance. I truly recommend feeling the case for yourself since it’s indeed made of 100% genuine leather. It feels great in the hand and I never had the problem of it sliding off into the deaf of doom. It’s as perfect as can be for the overall form factor.

You will notice that the inside is a soft interior that helps absorbs shock from any bumps and drops. Once again, it won’t help save your iPhone from any high drops or rough bumps. It will give your iPhone more personality and style without shelling out too much money.

The back features a cutout for your rear facing camera, secondary microphone, and flash as well as Labato’s branding at the bottom; not intrusive at all. You will find no cutouts on the left or right side with the flap closed. The top features a large cut out for the power/lock button while the bottom features a cut out for the 3.5mm headphone jack, microphone, speaker, and Lighting port. I would be careful when trying to plug in a bigger-than-usual 3.5mm headphone cable for your iPhone.

All ports are easy to access and find no problems accessing them besides the power/lock button. It was a bit hard trying to use with one hand since the edge is so thick in that area. Otherwise, it receives great points from myself.

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