December 12, 2013

Labato Credit Card Holder Case Cover for Samsung Galaxy S4 Review!

Labato Credit Card Holder Case Cover for Samsung Galaxy S4 Review!

I have been using protection for a while now and when I refer to protection of course I’m talking about cases for my devices. In this case, you can purchase it via Amazon US for about $11 ($10.50) with free shipping. And special thanks to Labato for sending this out to review and being so supportive.

Labato is known for their great products but my friends let me tell you about their packaging. It’s beyond incredible and so very professional. There boxing is simple basic white along with their logo a few slogans and a sticker or two here and their. In my videos, I seriously have a nerdgasm since other companies don’t know how to do this incredible packaging. Labato has stepped into the field and already two steps ahead of the competition.

Enough with the packaging and onto the product itself. Slipping and removing my Samsung Galaxy S4 was very easy and had no problems whatsoever. Also, it feels a little slippery in the hand but not too the point that it will slip and fly away. Starting on the back you will find cut outs for your camera, flash, and speaker. The camera and flash cut out was lined with black lining which allowed me to capture photos, record videos, and even use flash without the case interfering. But, I did find out the sound was a little muffled when the case was one. It became very quiet when the case was one and flash on a surface. Hopefully, this isn’t your deal breaker but this is a con that should be addressed.

At the top you can find cut outs for your 3.5mm headphone jack, microphone, and IR blaster. I’m very happy that they took the time to create cut outs instead of a long open bar which I hate with a passion. The left side features protection for your volume rocker while the right side features protection for your power/lock button. And last but not least is the bottom with great cut outs for your microphone and micro USB port. Once again, Labato has gone beyond the expectations that you would probably require as an average consumer.

There’s a unique feature to this product which gives you the ability to really customize it and make it yours; if you have the money for it. You are able to change the middle frame with a different color and gives you a two-tone design. Personally, it reminded me of DBA Cases. The main purpose is to store your credit cards and decrease the bulk inside your wallet. It’s smart but not too innovative.  I won’t let that keep me from recommending this product for you to purchase as soon as you can!

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