January 28, 2014

Kingston Multi-Kit Mobility Kit Review!

Kingston Multi-Kit Mobility Kit Review!

We recently partnered with Kingston in order to provide with great content in order to help you improve your photography, videography, budget buying skills, and much more. In fact, you can purchase this very product via Kingston for an incredible price and thanks to Kingston for sending this out to review.

Like always, I want to review what you receive from besides the product itself. That’s a little different since not only this product came in a plastic casing and also because you basically receive the MicroSD Card Adapter, a MicroSD Card (32GB), and even a MicroSD Reader. That’s plenty for such a great price and quality thanks to Kingston.

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Before I continue I want to help you differentiate between all three cards.  It’s not to hard to understand since the MicroSD Card (32GB) is able to fit in many of your popular devices. For example, I was able to test it with my Samsung Galaxy S4, Nokia Lumia 810, and even a Samsung Camcorder. As you can see, it does more than help store multimedia files but also documents and other important files that you may want to store so you can have easy access to them later. If you want to transfer those files to a folder on your computer than all you have to do is slip the MicroSD Card (32GB) into the included MicroSD Adapter which helps extend your possibilities. This gives you the ability to transfer the content but also print directly from the MicroSD Adapter. If you’re printer supports this adapter then it will probably support the MicroSD Reader. This product is basically a Secure Digital High Capacity (SDHC) Card with USB functionality. Which helps you store photos, music, videos, and more from your tablet, camera, and your printer.

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Personally, I was able to use every single product in this amazing kit. The MicroSD Card (32GB) is now stored in my Galaxy S4 which allows me to store a heck lot more photos, videos, music, and any other data that will allow my device is run faster in the long run. Which leaves the MicroSD Reader to store my photos that I want to transfer from computer to computer to printer and so on.

In conclusion, Kingston did a fantastic job wit this Multi-Kit/Mobility Kit and I’m very excited to see how they do for 2014. We will continue to be working with them very closely in order to bring you guess the best deals possible.

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