January 31, 2014

Kingston MobileLite Wireless Review!

Kingston MobileLite Wireless Review!

Now that I’m writing this review I can finally tell you guys and girls which product is very similar to the MobileLite Wireless. It’s the WiFi Disk Power Bank by RAVPower. There’s similarities and differences but that’s a whole different topic. Either way you can purchase this product via Amazon US for about $48 ($47.99) with free shipping and special thanks to Kingston for sending this out to review! Plenty of product reviews coming soon!

Before we move on I want to quickly recap what you receive inside the packaging. Especially since you’re paying nearly $50 and money well spent is the smart way to shop. Overall, I find that the packaging was very nicely laid out with all of the information you need on the outside as well as some photos of the product itself. You will find the MobileLite Wireless, a MicroSD Adapter (no MicroSD Card included), and paperwork. There’s not to much since all of the brains are packed into the product itself.

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Right away I found that the product was very light and not to heavy like I was expecting. This isn’t anything to complain about since I found myself carrying it around with me on a daily basis or for at least the week I tested it. It wasn’t the most attractive product I have ever seen but it gets an A+ in my gradebook for looking very profession. Kingston placed their name in the top left hand corner and “MobileLite Wireless” in the lower right hand corner a white coloring. Neither were distracting or intrusive at all. It actually went well with the black and silver-like coloring of the product. There was three LEDs in the lower left hand corner that indicated (a) Battery Level (b) WiFi Connectivity (c) Internet Connectivity. The battery level will drain down as you use it and the LED will change depending on the battery level. The top is very simple which draws you into a more professional environment.

Nothing important is located on the bottom so lets move onto the left side where you will find a USB 2.0 and MicroUSB port. The USB 2.0 port is for charging your devices as well as sharing files with others connected to the MobileLite Wireless. I highly recommend using a portable HDD/SSD or even Thumb Drive. On the other hand, the MicroUSB is for charging the MobileLite Wireless and nothing else.

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Switching on over to the right side where you will find your MicroSD Card Adapter slot that expands what you can share with others such as photos, music, videos, files, and much more. Since Kingston do include a MicroSD Adapter then the only thing left to purchase (or use) is a MicroSD Card that’s fairly cheap and affordable from Kingston or a 3rd Party.

I tested the MobileLite Wireless with my Samsung Galaxy S4 and Apple iPod touch 4th Generation due to the fact that there are official apps for iOS and Android devices. They allow you to set up the product very quickly and access files as if the devices were connected directly to the product. In that case, there was no connectivity issues whatsoever even using two devices (can support up to three at the same time).

The MobileLite Wireless is your go-to product when you need to share files with others without having to copy/paste them into a different folder when they are already on a MicroSD or portable HHD/SSD. Excellent job to the Kingston and keep your eyes peeled for more storage solution reviews from our good friends at Kingston!

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